Drake - Upset
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I was really not expecting Jay and Silent Bob to feature so heavily, but I'm not complaining.
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ok so a: no one asks how Jimmy is walking again? and b: was that Fashion Santa as the tailor?
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a: Canadian healthcare, man. Can't be beat.

b: Nope.
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Desus Nice on Twitter:
j prince: drake has a song that will end pusha's career

pusha: release it

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After being publicly ashamed for having an unacknowledged child, who wouldn't want to get together with old friends?
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I think Degrassi has been cancelled, so this would be the best possible way to end that 40 year old TV franchise.

Also, the first time Drake rapped on TV was on Degrassi. This is life coming full circle.

ok so a: no one asks how Jimmy is walking again?

Jimmy went to Europe to get experimental stem cell treatment. His dad wouldn't let him go, but then he caught his dad cheating. His dad sent him to Europe so he wouldn't tell his mom about the affair. That really was an episode.
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Thank you riruro. That's much better than the idea that's been floating around my head all morning that our whole reality where Drake exists is actually a dream of a fictional Jimmy bleeding out on the floor of Canada's most famous fictional high school, which is frightening in a reality-shattering way but actually made some sense in explaining the way the world has been from 2004 onward.
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Oh my god I’ve been waiting so long for this.

I loved Degrassi. When I first heard Jimmy was trying to have a rap career I was like... but... it’s JIMMY. to this day whenever I hear/ see Drake I can’t help but think of him that way.

This acknowledged those feelings in a more satisfying way than I ever imagined possible and seeing the whole original cast was AMAZING! I’m glad they did the credits at the end too- I definitely didn’t even recognize some of them.

I especially enjoyed all of them running after the motherfucker that shot Jimmy.

Ahhhhh. Closure. Feels good.
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I feel like it's a moral obligation that if, your are in a group of folks where your awkward teenage years were broadcast throughout North America, if one of you becomes Much More Famous, you get folks together and get music video styled up as adults to show the world your beautiful adult selves.
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I think this is the first Drake song I've heard. No, really. His genra ain't my cuppa. :-) But the fan service, OMG! And those cars!
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seeing the whole original cast

Hm. I must have missed Yick Yu. And Wheels. And Stephanie Kaye.

Lol, I kid, I kid. Degrassi:TNG had way, way more influence and staying power than Degrassi:TOS. Although to this day, for Canadians of a certain age the phrase "All the way" is almost reflexively completed by "with Stephanie Kaye."

And yes, I know Degrassi Jr. High wasn't the original, original series but even the Degrassi wiki barely acknowledges the existence of Degrassi Street.
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I one thousand percent expected this to be a Jimmy Fallon thing and was uncharacteristically not disappointed.
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Thankfully, I am on a business trip right now, so I was able to unashamedly watch this about 30 times last night in my hotel room.

The only thing that could possibly top this is a new Alanis Morisette video where she reunites the cast of “You Can’t Do That On Television”.
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Anyone else crying over this video? Especially at the end credits with the theme song!
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Actually, that *is* Fashion Santa as the tailor! I mean, not the orignal Fashion Santa, he's Jack Foley, the third gen Yorkdale Fashion Santa.
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An ex of mine was (i mean, presumably still is) good friends with the guy who played Rick on Degrassi. Apparently most Canadians do not hold the show in the same high regard as everyone I knew growing up in suburban DC.
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My Degrassi cred is that a good friend's sister was one of the regulars on TNG. She's in this video. My own sister lived on the real Degrassi Street for several years (the street signs were often stolen).
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I expected to be amused, but this video made me really happy to see. I guess I needed the emotional closure of imagining the Degrassi kids as happy adults!
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