Wiki-Food and (mostly) Women
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The Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery (previously) in collaboration with the British Library is running Wiki-Food and (mostly) Women, a project aimed at improving and expanding Wikipedia's food coverage, especially (but not exclusively) entries related to women and those outside of the Western gaze. Four edit-a-thons have been held to date, and some of the improved articles include Sophie Coe (historian of chocolate), Anna Wecker (16th century German cookbook author) and the use of charcoal in food.
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This is great! I once "participated" (basically stood around and watched in admiration) in a similar Wiki-project, and I think this kind of thing makes a real difference. Thanks for the post!
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I feel a bit ashamed that I knew of Sophie's husband Michael Coe but I wasn't aware of her achievements. Well, that has been corrected. And The True History of Chocolate is now on order.
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languagehat : as someone who is occassionally involved in such events on the organizers' side (though not, in any remote capacity, in the one described here!), I say THANK YOU.
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Hey! That’s my MIL!
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