TANK - A short film by Stu Maschwitz
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TANK is an animated short film that took that Stu Maschwitz a year and half to create..."but I have to warn you, this is not how I would recommend anyone make a film."

"Putting aside current 3D modeling techniques, Red Giant’s Chief Creative Officer Stu Maschwitz looked to the past and built a visual homage to vector arcade games of the 80’s entirely in Adobe After Effects, using math, code, and hundreds of hours of painstaking animation work." [h/t Daring Fireball]
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Holy crap, the lengths to which he went to do everything the hard way are amazing. Watch the “making of” video and you’ll see what I mean.
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That is some deep, deep nerdery of the sort that ignores the voice that says "self, there's an esiaer way to do this.)

Pretty cool
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He's obviously a huge fan of Battlezone, one of the great 80s video games.
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That making-of video gets crazy about 10 minutes in. All the details he considered to get the look exactly right... it’s wonderful.
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I made a (very) short 3D film in the late 70s, using the effects he is imagining someone using. I pointed a film camera at the monitor of an Apple ][. I had it all drawn out on paper, too, the way he shows from his youth. It was a spinning cube that transformed into a rhombicuboctahedron. I had worked out the geometry to expand it to other polyhedra, too, with lots of zappy vectors floating around.
But then I graduated high school and didn't have access to a computer.
Now that I have computers again, I would love to revisit all that. My ideas were always about the vectors, which seemed so old fashioned for a long time, but now I guess I could retro-style it.
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This is great. Love the synthy soundtrack too. The whole thing is like if a Battlezone film had been made instead of Tron.
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I love the multicolor effect of the tank's core. Vector games were rare but color vector games were very rare; KLOV only lists 27 in total, made in just five years. That shimmering multicolor effect is beautiful. I think the Star Wars game used it for the cannon ball / asterisk shots the turrets fired at you.
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I believe this is my sister's childhood friend, which I only note because as a very obscure person I don't expect to see names of people I have known in topic titles on Metafiler. :)
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That's not a tank though. That's a wireframe of a fully-awakened Necron Monolith. Well, that and he got the Gauss Flayers and Particle Whip wrong, but, vector graphics...
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(Despite my snarky comment, I LOVED it!)
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