Fred Gonsowski would like to share his gardening wisdom
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I came across this site recently when Googling how much space I needed to leave between my house and a new garden bed, and it gave me an "old school internet" feeling I haven't felt in a long time. An individual person diligently sharing their hobby and experiences with no aim towards monetization, seemingly just doing it out of love.
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Ok, after 10 minutes on Fred Gonsowski's blog, I must say I'm right in love with Fred Gonsowski.

For several reasons, the first being that he lives with great style in a modest ranch. Also, he re-painted his mother's chain link fence posts when they started looking scruffy. Also, he decorates for Easter with multitudes of plastic eggs and they're perfect. And most of all, his garden blogs answer many questions I'm wrestling with trying to establish my own modest dwelling's garden spaces.
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Take a number, Gnella. The charming website, the modest ranch Gonsowski tricked out with trompe l'oeil doors, the extravagant garden... That he named the whole homestead enterprise "Whimsey Hill House" is just icing.
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Didn't even pick up on the doors! So much to explore. Imabanana, thanks for this - wisdom indeed!
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Hilariously I just planted a hosta garden in my front yard, and as the plants matured it looks like I purposed planted a giant side view penis and testicles. I will be reading his "Designing and planting a hosta garden" immediately.
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