"Oh my brother's sooooooooo dead!"
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This Sounds Serious is a true crime podcast where Minnesota public radio host Gwen Radford investigates the case of Chuck Brondstadt, an Orlando weatherman who drowned in his own waterbed, possibly at the hands of his twin brother Daniel. It's brought to you in part by Vancouver media personality Dave Shumka, and the team behind CBC Radio's popular newsmagazine This Is That.

Episode 1 - The Call: Gwen becomes intrigued when she hears Daniel's 9-1-1 call.

Episode 2 - Meet the Twins: Daniel and Chuck's early life together, from birth to local music stardom, and through the challenges of adulthood.

Episode 3 - The Cult: Gwen investigates Daniel's time in water-based sex cult "The Mandala".

Episode 4 - All About Chuck: the story of Chuck's rise to local weather fame, and Daniel's time as his manager and occasional stand-in.

Episode 5 - The Suspects: Gwen and Daniel review the likely killers (apart from Daniel).

Episode 6 - The Weatherman Strangler: an in depth look at a nearly forgotten Southwestern serial killer.

Episode 7 - The Trial
: an analysis of Daniel's trial, with audio of the proceedings and interviews with the participants. Includes the infamous recreation of Chuck's waterbed-based murder.

Episode 8 - The Finale: Daniel comes to Minnesota to host the show for a bit, and Gwen tries to get some closure.
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I just finished this last night. It's so good! The cult stuff almost made me choke to death in a Panera.
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Dave Shumka is also half of the long-running Stop Podcasting Yourself podcast.
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I haven't listened to this sounds serious yet but I discovered stop podcasting yourself a few months ago and it's sooo great. Just such a good time.
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Overall, I enjoyed this! It wasn't 100% perfect, but it was definitely worthwhile and a pretty good parody of Prestige Podcast Journalism. Would recommend!
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laughing out loud before the one minute point
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I really enjoyed the other murder podcast satire A Very Fatal Murder, from the Onion, so I'll have to check this out!
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There's also Done Disappeared - its first season is pretty good. I heard about it from My Favorite Murder, which is weird as John David Booter goes after them (as well as most of the True Crime "fandom" podcasts) pretty hard.
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This was great. I appreciated that it was absurd without being way over the top constantly. It was just barely plausible as a real podcast. I didn't think the same about A Very Fatal Murder which was way over the top. I was pulled right out of suspension of disbelief when Paul F Tompkins showed up though. He's so good but also so recognizable. Lauren Ash is great as the crime fan/murderino type. I listen to a few true crime podcasts and she would fit right in on any of them.

Why is every post with the tags FleshBoys, waterbeds, and cults also tagged Minnesota? There's more to us than that, ya know.
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The Dynamic Dipshits!
Wow, Daniel just gives me the "totally crazy" vibe from the first few seconds. I would be actively scared to meet him, but then again I am a total creep magnet. Also, Daniel's voice is so drastically different from Chuck's even though they're twins...nobody noticed?
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Okay, I finished it. Great ending.
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So, the news broadcast is like a sandwich. ... Our lettuce was young, cool and handsome.

It was a dumb analogy that made me laugh.
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