80s synth-pop for xylophone, melodica, and Casio
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DMK is a Depeche Mode cover band from Bogotá, Colombia. The group comprises Dicken Schrader and his two children, Milah and Korben.

DMK debuted on YouTube with a cover of Shake the Disease. In the wake of that video's success, they've gone on to cover most of Depeche Mode's hits, including Everything Counts, Enjoy the Silence, Strangelove, and Personal Jesus.

Their online success has led to live performances all the way from hometown venues (Just Can't Get Enough) to Poland (entire concert).

They also do originals.
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(I was sure I'd learned of this band on MetaFilter, but I couldn't find any previouslies. If I've double-posted, then please nuke from orbit.)
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Watched a couple so far and sent Enjoy The Silence on to friends. I love that we live in a world where growing up doing synthpop covers for YouTube with your Dad is perfectly normal. The wind must have changed because I can't stop smiling!
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Don't forget the improvised instruments! The 2 liter Coke bottle in Everything Counts is genius!
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This was unbearably cute.
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At times I feel irritation at my generation who wants to remain teenagers and eat at grilled cheese restaurants and so forth for all our days, but then, seeing this, I think we're doing something right after all. Actually, I'm pretty sure dude is younger than me, but I'll happily jump on his band wagon.
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This is the best! I wish I could corral my kids into doing more things like this.
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Love the switch from melodica to shittyflute about halfway through, which makes it a kind of internet parody at the same time as being an amazing cover.
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Absolutely charming! This is great.

Someone should get them in touch with Vince Clarke. He’s always looking for fun side projects to produce.
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I have a friend who has a theory he calls the Pop Apocalypse. Basically, the end times are old news, the eschaton has already immenatized, the world has already ended, the apocalypse has already happened. It was the pop music of of 1965 through to maybe 1990. So many weird and beautiful and ultimately triumphant viruses unleashed into the cultures of the world via pop music, inspiring so many twists and subversions that reality itself has been altered at a metabolic level. I take DMK as proof that this theory is true.
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That's the second time today I've been reminded today of Depeche Mode. Synchronicity, or are they more culturally relevant than I suspected? Either way, this is good.
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That was absolutely fantastic!
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I love the way they play the songs, the way they arrange the songs, and how much fun they all seem to be having. This is parenting done right.
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I've got to step up my dad game.
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I love a melodica and this fucking rules.
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Looks like Martin L. Gore has checked in. Too cool!
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