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ShortWaveMusic (2005-2013) was a global sound project and documentary series which aimed to preserve the sound of regional and international broadcasting around the world. Recordings include low-power and community stations, pirate and clandestine transmissions, and traditional international broadcasters. (previously)
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If you can't get enough of sweeping interference and swells of static, don't miss the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive podcast.
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Oh man. Is this where I apologize for not updating my Web site in a timely manner? (In my defense, I spent the last year producing a podcast and making a new album, as well as helping out with a bunch of other podcasts and radio shows.)

My penance for being a lazy bum is to offer you all the entire series, as it was originally meant to be streamed from my Web site, as a 3+GB ZIP file. I'll keep the link active until the site gets properly finished, whenever that may be.

(Also, SWM was such a blast to do. Traveling the world with a shortwave radio is fun in the metaphorical sense, but even more so in a literal sense. I just got too busy with other equally wonderful things to keep it up. Maybe someday...)
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You haven't lived until you've heard the soul-crushing North Korean Patriotic Orchestra broadcast live over shortwave radio while you're camping in remote British Columbia outside of any sort of cell phone and radio coverage.

It's just you, your tent, the bears, and a Korean lady screaming at you about how great Kim-Jang-so-and-so is.

Thankfully, the Australian Broadcasting Company also broadcasts on shortwave 24/7 directly to the west coast, as does Cuba, and New Zealand, and China. So you're not completely alone.
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This is great!

My grandfather used to listen to shortwave radio. I never got to share that experience with him, but it has always been something I associated with him, as well as an old key to the rest of the world. Many of these recordings were made when he was alive -- I wonder if he listened to any of them.

I find the static, interference, and vaguely-muffled sound charming.
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