I don't want to break it apart
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Great first post!! Thanks for the tunes.
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That is some deeply enjoyable ska...and I've never been much for ska.
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This is my new summer jam, I love it! Thank you, Freeze Peach!
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YEAH X 6 is probably my favorite subtitle ever
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Saw this band at Irving Plaza a few years ago, what a great show.
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It does my heart good to know that TSPO is still at it, in any incarnation.
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Japan is good at brass. I assume you like Soil and Pimp Sessions, too, Freeze Peach?
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< outdated stereotypical joke > Japanese Ska? I expected a transistorized band.. < /osj >
Seriously, ever since The Pillows rocked out on the original FLCL, I have been very open to Japanese musicians doing 'Western' music styles. What's Japanese for "Hey you, don't watch that, watch this!"??
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I'm at work, I'm not supposed to be skanking in my cubicle!

Loved this. Thank you for posting it!
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Oh gosh, thank you everyone for stopping by and listening! I'm glad I shared this with Metafilter. As I said in Metatalk, it's my first post on the main site. I've loved TSPO for years and years, and even though this came out in the winter, I figured it'd be a great contribution to #HopefulSummer. I love when everyone hugs Kazunobu at the end.

For anyone watching the video and getting a little confused - there's an interview/behind the scenes bit in the middle (rather than at the end) starting around 2:00, and the song/music video picks up again around 4:20!

@cichlid ceilidh Yes, I absolutely do! How'd you know?! I like sharing some of their music with my family and they think I messed up the name. Nah fam.
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Mineta Kazunobu is also a fine actor. If he's in it, I'll see it!
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Whoops, wrote his name in Japanese order. Kazunobu is his first name!
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If you like Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, check out some of the other ska (more towards ska punk for most of it) from Japan:

Kemuri, Ato Ichinen (after one year/one year left)

Oreskaband (we are ska band), Chuck

Muramasa 午前5時の汽車乗り (Getting on the 5am steam locomotive)

Hell, even Dragon Ash had a bit of ska on their earlier albums:
Dragon Ash, Just I'll Say

And that's just a taste. In conclusion, Japanese Ska is a land of AWESOME.
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