Brass Against The Machine
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Wake Up from Brass Against
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Cult of Personality
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Dayamn. She does a helluva Zack.

Thank you, this is great.
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Right now I wish I could find some old recordings of my brass quintet and jazz combo from when Rage released this album because we used to throw their shit into all kinds of inappropriate songs (Frosty the Snowman, Scrapple the Apple, and OTHERS)... no formal arrangements, just... we started playing it, made it work, and just kept doing it because playing Rage Against the Machine is fun, but what is more fun is when you make a bunch of little old ladies at a nursing home think they are getting Just a Closer Walk, then sliding into Killing in the Name of and then sliding back into JaCW before they can place the tune. And a French Horn and a Trombone figuring out counter melodies for Bomb Track is fun.

In other words... this brings back memories. They sound great - and you can do this with as few as 5 people and no vocals.
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This is good. But then I like anything with a tuba. Some woman kept yelling though and it made it a little hard to hear all that low brass.
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Thanks, I needed that, really I did. And Nanukthedog .. you need to get the band back together and get back to playing Rage at nursing homes, and maybe some NWA
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Her Zack is amazing.

I watched this video of a guy listening to RATM for the first time just last month. It's just so timeless, it could have been written yesterday. The depressing part is that you can believe it was written yesterday because the lyrics are still applicable 25 years later.

The brass works surprising well with this. I remember reading the liner notes, where it says all the sounds are made by guitar, drums, bass and vocals. 'All live, never on a floppy disk', like some kind of purity. At which I said BULLSHIT because you can't make a guitar do that. I was only really convinced when I saw them live. I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of the video Tom steps out from behind a curtain with his guitar saying 'Just kidding! That was all me!'
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you need to get the band back together and get back to playing Rage at nursing homes, and maybe some NWA.

Those old folks sure do love the classics. Honestly, there will be people who moshed to RATM who're getting to that age.
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If I get to that ripe age, I'll be saying "Estaba pensando sobreviviendo
Con mi sister en New Jersey"
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I dig this. A lot.
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I swore I'd never date another musician, but sliver goggles person? Yeah.
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OMG! That is wonderful! Perfect for 05:30!
Thanks for posting this!
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At around the 5 minute mark, all of the hair on my arms stood straight up. That was some very exciting listening!
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This. Is. Brilliant.

Also my Boyf is slap dab in the middle of the venn diagram ffor people who'd appreciate this so now he is getting all their songs for christmas
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