The BLind Masters of Fighting Games
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These gamers are able to kick ass despite lacking vision, a sense most modern video games take for granted.
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My own experience with fighting games is a bit more limited, I never really pushed myself to learn the combos for Mortal Kombat, and my single demo of Killer Instinct on the Xbox was underwhelming, despite audible menus. Nevertheless, this is a great achievement in gaming circles, and I wish other genres were as possible to excel at.
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I never would have expected fighting games to be an accessible genre, but I suppose that the 2D plane combined with the stereo audio effects (and fighting game characters really are pretty noisy, when you think about it!) would simplify the problem of building a mental map of the action based on sound alone.
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I forgot to mention, I DID play a lot of the original Super Smash Bros on the N64 way back when. It was fun and occasionally very difficult, depending on which character I chose. I have a soft spot for Linck.
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The dev's of the classic arcade "Dragons Lair" reputedly could play a perfect game just from audio cues.
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I've seen blind demos of games like Mike Tyson's Punch Out on AGDQ, but that was PvE. Playing a PvP game by sound alone is infinitely more impressive. So cool!
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fighting games seem to be more inclusive in a few ways; there's a strong African American contingent in high-level tournament play, there's (of course) a large Japanese presence as well. One of the very best in the world at Injustice 2 and Dragonball is SonicFox, who often competes in (part of) his fursuit these days.

Not a lot of female presence, and the games themselves suffer abominably from male gaze of course.
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I've been searching for non-video videogames. Mazes that you navigate by sound, by rumble, something.
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I found this documentary that is also worth sharing here: Gaming Blind [Accessible Media]
“After losing her sight, Shelby Travers thought video games were a part of her past. Join her as she discovers how accessible gaming is to the blind and partially sighted community today, picking up a controller for the first time in 10 years.”
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rebent, that sounds like a really interesting unexplored concept. Definitely something that ought to exist in the Indie space where graphicsgraphicsgraphics isn't the primary focus. Ironically, it might maybe be something that developers avoid because of the accessibility issues.
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I've been searching for non-video videogames. Mazes that you navigate by sound, by rumble, something.

"Alexa, open Skyrim."
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