"He will be grumpy for a while but we're being cruel to be kind."
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'World's fattest hedgehog' placed on diet and exercise regime. "Arbuckle" is a pretty good name, but it can't hold a candle to "Mr Piggywinkle," who was put on a strict diet in 2016. (Hedgehogs previously)
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Mr Marley said it was the heaviest hedgehog they could find a record of.

Heaviest some dude googled != heaviest recorded != heaviest in the world. I choose to believe there's Ye Booke Of Hedgehogges Magnificentes hidden deep in the dusty stacks of the British Library which when uncovered will force us to rethink everything we know about rotund hedgehogs.
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*screams in delight*
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I can't see the video, which I presume is Mr. Piggywinkle cavorting...or maybe just lying there, since he's probably really big and can't move, but the point is, I am being deprived of the video by simple fact of not living in the UK, which is hardly my fault because my parents didn't see fit to move there so I could be British and my husband won't move now because he's convinced that I'll run off with the first British man who gives me the time of day in one of those gorgeous accents.

He's probably not wrong.

Big fat hedgie!!!! So cute!
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Don't want to dampen the 'absolute units are absolutely cute' because they absolutely are

But hedgehogs overall are not doing well
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But does either Arbuckle or Mr Piggywinkle have his own theme songs/earworms?

Overweight Hedgehog - Parry Gripp (featuring Snowball, the albino overweight hedgehog, Huff Puff, the overweight hedgehog from Herefordshire, and George)
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Hedgie crafts.
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(passes out after 100 yards)
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cooker girl, I think this is the video for Mr Piggywinkle. Here's another.
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Doktor Zed wins the thread.
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Doktor Zed's video legitimately made me cry from joy.

I shall now venture forth into the other links, for more Quality Absolute Unit content.
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He so tubby!!!!
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overweight hedgehog i love you *singing loudly*

p.s. there are way too few FPPs with tag 'pinkywinkle'
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