Moonies buy UPI; Helen Thomas quits.
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Moonies buy UPI; Helen Thomas quits. I've seen some, but not much, coverage of the fact that the Unification Church-owned Washington Times has purchased up the venerable United Press International. Although the UPI's been a cripped orginazation for years, I'm still disturbed to see it disappear into the maw of the crazier-than-you-think Times. Helen Thomas, the senior member of the White House press corps and all-around cool person, bailed immediately.
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Yes, but she QUIT, she didn't RETIRE. We have not seen the last of her - YEAH!
posted by thinkdink at 3:26 PM on May 19, 2000

I'll admit, I've seen some, um, INTERESTING opinions expressed in the Washington Times, but the one linked to hardly qualifies as "crazy." It's far more rational than some of the garbage that passes as "objective journalism" at some other newspapers that aren't worthy of a mention.
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Actually, Lilly Tao, at broke this yesterday, but without nearly as much background research (unusual for her), so I didn't re-link it.
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Um, "oops". "At Girlhacker".
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[ actually looks at the links ]

[ feels very stupid ]

[ climbs back into hole for now ]
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I don't consider that article "crazy", just poorly-researched tripe. It was the Republican-controlled Congress of which the Times is so enamored who passed the legislation mandating a dollar coin, including a mandate for promotion. Sheesh.

It's not so much that the Times is "crazy" as that they have this insufferable smugness about them.

Anyway, I wish Helen Thomas the best.
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Hrmm. The Washington Times sounds a bit like our own Conrad "Look At Me Funny and I'll Sue You" Black's National Post.
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Ah, well. The Times' free archive doesn't go back enough to have any of the truly juicy (and zany) Bill-and-Hillary-killed-Vince-Foster rants. But they were quite entertaining. (The Wall St. Journal editorial ran some, too, showing that the line between respectable paper and loopy broadside is narrower than one might think.)
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