Students raise £1500 to send "jolliest" cleaner to Jamaica
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Students raise money to send cleaner and his wife to Jamaica to visit family. "He is the epitome of happiness," one student said. The gift included a note saying, "You have brightened many of our days and we want you to know that we love and appreciate you." Herman has worked at Bristol University as part of the cleaning staff for 12 years. In terms of the positivity that so many students praise him for, Herman told Newsbeat it's important to keep away "negative vibes...I know that these students are studying. You don't want any negative vibes around them."
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Knew I shoulda brought my handkerchief today. Thanks alot.
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Thanks stillmoving, this is a thing of beauty.
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Wonderful story that I've now shared with multiple friends and family. I need these reminders that yes, we can be kind and thoughtful to each other.
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Up with this sort of thing!
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Or, you know, the college could just pay their staff a living wage.

Or stop forcing their staff to take real pay cuts every year.

Or not take away their staff's safe pensions and replacing them with entirely dodgy schemes.

Good on the students for not following the example of their teachers.
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Is anyone else a little bothered by how much they emphasize his demeanor?

Cleaners should not be judged on how jolly they are. Intentionally or not, these students have just bought themselves a lot of emotional labor.
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I wasn't really bothered by the "jolly" mention as it seemed both the students and Herman genuinely, mutually enjoyed their chats and company.
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Sweet story, I hope he has a lot of fun on his trip.
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