Film reference blue
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Omg. Please tell me there's a complete list of referenced movies somewhere.
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Wonderful. I love this...
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Welp, I totally thought Liberty Global was a made up name from some dystopian parallel universe but nope, it's real and exists in the dystopian right here & now.

Why the art-I-choke logo, I wonder.
Or is it a thistle?
Or dinosaur eggs?
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Yeah, there is something kind of sinister about the whole video.
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This also means that somewhere in that idea-space, Leatherface is hanging a living woman on a meathook to be dismembered, over and over and over. And while that's definitely symbolic of more than a few things in the clusterfuck that is the U.S., maybe they should've though their idea through. "Liberty Global: if your story's not good, no one will care."
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Is Vimeo borked? I've tried twice to watch this video (two different ISP's, two different routers), and it won't stream. I'll try a different device and see what happens.
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00:20 War Games
00:22 Interstellar
00:29 Stranger Things
00:52 Fargo
00:55 Cast Away
01:01 Mr Robot
01:13 Empire of the Sun
01:18 Melancholia
01:24 Akira
01:27 V for Vendetta
01:29 Breaking Bad
01:57 Children of Men
01:59 Ghost in the Shell
02:02 Drive
02:21 Ghost in the Shell
02:30 Gravity
02:37 Spirited Away
02:40 My Neighbour Totoro
02:46 The Magnificent Seven
02:48 2001
02:56 The X Files
02:57 V for Vendetta / Mr Robot
03:00 12 Monkeys
03:03 Do The Right Thing
03:21 Westworld
03:31 The Fight Club
04:02 District 9/Ghostbusters/Godzilla/Cloverfield/Empire of the Sun
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