Winner of The White Review Short Story Prize for 2018
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"The Great Awake" by Julia Armfield (The White Review, April 2018): "When I was twenty-seven, my Sleep stepped out of me like a passenger from a train carriage, looked about my room for several seconds and sat down in the chair beside my bed. This was before it became so usual, the shadow-forms of Sleep in halls and kitchens, before the mass displacement left so many people wakeful at uncertain hours of the night." Shortlist announcement. Winning story announcement. Two nominees previously.
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I was already contemplating taking a siesta, and then I read this, and I am DEFINTELY taking that nap now because I love sleep. Especially naps. Waking up on the couch with an opportunistic kitten curled against you, a little breeze coming in through the window, the dog napping in the yard...
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I love her evocative, new collective noun “a bleary stagger” for a group of sleepy people!
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That was beautiful. Thank you.
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I enjoyed that - thanks, Wobbuffet. Searching for more by the same author turned up The Collectables at The Stockholm Review of Literature.
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I really enjoyed this; thank you for introducing me to her work.
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