Proud Dads
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Dublin Bus proud dads “I know how hard it was for my son to come out to me, so I wanted to do something for Pride to show him that I am truly proud of him, not for being gay, or for coming out, but for being who he is. Before all this, I never felt that it was my place to go to Pride, but I’ve realised it really is, because I am proud.”
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Well, that was fantastic, wasn't it?
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The world in general, and men in particular, need/s a lot more of this.
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Mods, can we get a HopefulSummer tag in here? Cause I'm crying some hopeful, happy tears right now and I think the tags should reflect that.
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Love this! Candidate for the hopefulsummer tag?
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LOL! This was really sweet.

“I hope they have a defibrillator in here, because I think I’m going to need it...”

They’re good Dads, Brent.
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Love that dad's rainbow plaid shirt. What a lovely initiative, Dublin Bus!
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Let's go to Pride, son.
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I have such a permasmile right now.
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Don’t mind me. Just crying at my desk. Like ya do.
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That "I'm proud of you son" from the dad to his trans son came at exactly the right moment to make me squeal with glee.
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Watched it with the sound off because I'm at work and this still made me cry.
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Very dusty in here.
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This made feelings come out of my eyes. My own dad came to visit this weekend - first time he's been to the house I share with my partner. When he left, he said, "I'm so happy I got to see you here with her. You're a good match."
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My allergies sure are acting up all of a sudden....

(this is good....very, very good)
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Man, I cried fresh with every dad/kid pair. So nice. Even as an ad, so nice.
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The happiest thought of my week, thank you so much for sharing
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This is FANTASTIC and where are my tissues?
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thanks, bawling.
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Ireland has come a long way. Hopefully the DUP will catch up in the north soon.
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Thank you!
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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing -- this brought happy tears to my eyes.
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Tears here as well. Ahhh, so incredibly beautiful. Thanks for this post.
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Beautiful. Beautiful. Way to be, Dublin Bus.
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There are no onions here, just happy tears.
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I‘m a bit bummed that I can‘t understand the accent very well - I‘m missing every third word or so!
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The "closed caption" button may help those who are a bit at sea with the Dublin accent.
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Ohmagoodness, the hair on my arms stood up at the same time I started crying. That's never happened before. Lovely, lovely clip, thanks, drunkonthemoon.
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Ah, this is great!
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The bus I got home from work yesterday was one of the rainbow-painted "Proudest Bus" ones. It makes me smile to see them.
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