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DJ Jazzy Jeff on summer songs, 'Summer Madness,' 'Summertime,' and the 'Summertime' mixtape series (Volumes 1-8 are free to download or stream, and Volume 9 drops tomorrow)
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A random scan of the Summertime mixtapes led me to I'm Chief Kamanawanalea by the Turtles, and that massively sampled drum line is drilled into my head now.
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I literally think of Summertime whenever the temperature is "about 88" and I'm pretty sure I will for the rest of my life.
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Sure, hop in the water plug just for old time’s sake. Summertime was on MTV Party To Go Vol 2, which is like my perfect summer mix. Might put it on tomorrow, in fact.

Haven’t had a chance to dig into the playlists yet but I like Jeff’s approach.
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This seems like a good place to finally admit that for some time I thought "Alpine" was a slang term for air conditioning. You know, like Alpine skiing...

Anyhow, Hybrid made an excellent remix of Summertime if you don't feel like the hardcore dance has gotten to be a little bit out of control.
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I am having a birthday cookout on Sunday and I was worrying about the soundtrack. Problem solved! (And it's 100%a crowd where I'd say "these are from DJ Jazzy Jeff" and people would just nod in appreciation.)
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OH MY GOD THERE ARE EIGHT OF THESE?! I've been bumping Volume 1 every summer like clockwork for years; I had NO IDEA there were more where that came from!

Summer 2018 just leveled up, and not a minute too late.
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Here’s Vol. 9.
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In Britain, it's the law that Summertime must be played on all local radio stations should the temperature reach >16 degrees C.

Failure to comply results in an Ofcom fine.
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