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An inventive dad gives his daughter a roller coaster ride in the living room [laughter and shrieking]
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Yay, Dad! And yay Knoebels Twister! From Knoebels (FB): "*CUTENESS OVERLOAD* Have you seen this viral video? YES, that's our Twister! When we reached out to Mom, she told us she didn't expect it to be such a hit, and was just hoping to teach the essence of family fun. Well, Zena and Terrance, it's safe to say you've succeeded. Kudos to you for creating good, clean family fun, and warming our hearts in the process!"
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A+ dadding, 150 out of 10.
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I mean, hell, I'm not made of stone.
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Excellent! Next I want to see them do one with a loop-de-loop!
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Gee, VR technology is getting really good...
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I love this. The power of imagination! I also like the "be careful Dad!"
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Thank you...I needed that.
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I assume immediately after the video ended she joyfully demanded “again!”
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Aw, shucks.
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This guy is an amazing dad. Thumbs up to you, sir.
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So adorable!
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Awesome! You know, you go to the fancy simulator ride at the mall, it's no better than that, and it costs like five dollars!

BTW, Tiny Croft loves our laundry basket. She pushes it all over the place, climbs in and demands I pull her around the house, sits in it and plays with the dirty laundry, tips it over climbing out and dumps clothes everywhere. It may actually be her favorite toy of all. I shall have to try this!
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Dad wins the internet!
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That the "car" is a laundry basket is the best part.

This is so sweet and loving. I love how much fun everyone involved is having. It's beautiful.
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Delightful. Whee!
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OMG he did such a good job using his knees to simulate the bouncing -- that's what really sold the experience IMO

Yes I was pretending I was his baby girl while I watched, my daddy did this kind of stuff for me when I was her age too
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This is The Best.
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I've done the same thing, and boy is it a workout for the legs. In other words, win-win!
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Thank you for this most delightful post.
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At the end the dad grins and waves at the people on the platform, which is so awesome & lovely. It's immersive for him too!
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That was so pure and cleansing.
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Made me smile and laugh throughout the entire video. Love!
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Everything about this was wonderful, but the dad waving at the end was extra delightful because his daughter couldn't see him do it.
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I assume immediately after the video ended she joyfully demanded “again!”

Yes, he will be doing that for a long time to come. So awesome.

Needed this desperately after the last couple days. Thank you.
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I endure the all the depressing topics on Metafilter just for the few uplifting ones such as this.
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This was awesome. I especially liked how he waved to the crew /staff guy as he passed - something she couldn't even see. Just a dad and his girl riding the coaster together....
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Every time I'm impressed by the immersion of VR, I'm reminded that the imagination is more powerful still. This was really sweet and clever.

And there's a version of it for grownups, too!
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The only thing missing is a fan.
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