But the topic here was wolves, and that weaponized everything.
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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Scientist? "Rob Wielgus was one of America’s pre-eminent experts on large carnivores. Then he ran afoul of the enemies of the wolf." (slnyt)
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Ugh this reminds me of the book Coyote America. Just like wolves culling coyotes is super not great because the remaining coyotes after a cull have large litters and kill whatever to feed them, whereas living with coyotes and properly fencing/llaming/guarding your livestock will prevent 95% of deaths. And because that’s also true with wolves and because this guy proved it, he lost his job. Ugh.
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This is a really interesting and nuanced article, thank you for posting.
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Metafilter: blunt, cocksure, hyperbolic and prone to melodrama.
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In the end there were no simple answers. No heroes or villians; only silence.

- A closing line from 1983 film Never Cry Wolf. Based in the 1963 book by another lightning rod, Farley Mowat. Great scenery, story, acting and music. As sad as it needs to be.
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A friend of mine posted photos that she'd seen on a FB page devoted, basically, to killing wolves. Pictures of piles of dead wolves, all sorts of violence, turned into "comic" memes. The sheer glee these people took in the idea of slaughtering mass numbers of wild animals (usually to protect the domesticated animals that they were then going to slaughter) made me physically ill.
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Wolves carry so much cultural baggage that studying them can be dangerous. I once met a Canadian scientist who received death threats from wolf huggers after he published a paper reporting a wolf attack on his team. (This message cannot be true, so we must get rid of the messenger!)
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I think someday long (but maybe not too long) in the future, when the history of the Republican Party is written, it will be subtitled "The Party of Fear". They seem so scared of everything. Terrorists, gangs, wolves, women.
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wolf huggers

Of course this is a thing 🤦‍♀️
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