"We are chaos. We are the teeth of dragons, shed like seeds."
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"The Testimony of Dragon's Teeth" (Uncanny, March/April 2018) is a brief new addition to Sarah Monette's bookish, M.R. James-ian or Carnacki/John Silence-like series of occult investigation short stories, "The Necromantic Mysteries of Kyle Murchison Booth," several others of which are online: "Wait for Me," "The Replacement," "White Charles," "The Yellow Dressing Gown," and "To Die For Moonlight." Monette is perhaps more well-known for writing The Goblin Emperor as Katherine Addison, under which name she has also co-written with Elizabeth Bear an upcoming historical mystery (relevant to her research specialty) that has sometimes been called, "Kit Marlowe, Boy Detective."
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Ooh, another Booth story! I like them a lot. Genuinely spooky and chilling, with just a leveling of humor. Also, a good example of why messing around with necromancy is a bad idea. Leave it to the professionals, kids!
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Had not heard of these, but am all in.

The Goblin Emperor is, of course, fantastic and highly recommended as an antidote to gloom.
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I (inexcusably) had no idea that the author of the Goblin Emperor had written other stuff, so this is like Christmas come early for me.
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Whew! That was a good but very intense read. I'll look up her other stuff, thanks.
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This is revenant to my interests

RELEVANT! I meant relevant!
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very nice, thank you
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I live in a perpetual state of yearning for more Carnacki or Carnacki-like stories and I am VERY EXCITE to read this post! (Also: "Kit Marlowe, boy detective"? Yes please!)
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Woah, I had no idea that Katherine Addison was a pen name, and have been looking in vain for more books by the author of The Goblin Emperor. So thanks for this!
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She also does these spacefairing Lovecraft/Lewis Carrol mashups with Elizabeth Bear, which I think are marvelous.
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Daisyk, hav you read Chico Kidd’s Carnacki collection? Good stuff.
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I bought The Goblin Emperor at The Strand this evening because of this very post. I could only remember that one title and that was the only book I found under her pen name. I read some of the linked stories before work and liked them enough that now I'll have to go back and look for books under her given name as well.
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I try in general not to discuss the occult, either with those who know nothing about it, or, with those who know far too much.

Quoted for truth.
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As I seem to be going backward in Metafilterian time, I say once again well done, Wobbuffet! More mirrors!
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Malla: no, but I just ordered them. Thank you!!
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