Sailor J works her witchcraft... On TV.
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MeFi favorite Sailor J, aka the most hilarious makeup vlogger ever, has signed for a recurring role on AMC's NOS4A2. The hilarious makeup vlogger Sailor J, whom I first learned of via Metafilter (can't find the post) has just signed on to a recurring role in a new AMC horror series about someone that can track an apparently immortal killer who places children in a twisted other realm, based on the Joe Hill book NOS4A2.
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Wow, that is a hard one to find!
Previously: Contouring 101

Good for her! It's always a good day when she has a new video up.
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Cheers for the research. I have to admit, I was worried if I waited too long someone else would post it. (I suffer Bluepost Anxiety so I usually wait too long and see someone else's post of what SHOULD have been MYYYYYYY post.)
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(I suffer Bluepost Anxiety so I usually wait too long and see someone else's post of what SHOULD have been MYYYYYYY post.)

I know this is slightly off-topic, but as someone who hasn't made a post on MetaFilter yet, do you have any advice on what to consider, uh... worthy? I suspect I am beset by the same anxiousness.
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I've always found Sailor J a refreshing and humorous take on the makeup vlogger community, good for her.

And on a general note: Woohoo! I love it when beauty related posts make it onto the blue. I too suffer from FPP Anxiety and my most recent posting activity has been spurred by two questions I ask myself: "Does it make me smile and think?" "Has it been posted already?"

If the answer is Yes and No respectively, I take a deep breath and take the plunge. I encourage you to do the same!
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That sounds like an excellent and timely topic for a MetaTalk discussion, Quackles!

And this is great news. Makeup tutorials are not exactly in my wheelhouse but I watched the videos in the Contouring 101 thread and Sailor J is hilarious. Just really funny and cutting, and she totally brings her own original voice to her work. I'm glad to see her succeeding, because she clearly deserves success. I hope everyrhing goes just swimmingly for her.
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Quackles and like_neon:

What makes a good thread post to MetaFilter?
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I have no idea who Sailor J is, but I love Joe Hill and am super excited for NOS4A2 to become a series.

NOS4A2 introduces Vic McQueen, a young, working class artist who discovers she has a supernatural ability to track the seemingly immortal Charlie Manx.

A little curious about this, because from what I recall (and it's been a while since I've read the book) the protagonist was a writer of childrens' books. I wonder why they changed that?
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Thanks, tzikeh but I think what I was responding to was Quackles' anxiety around what makes a 'worthy' post - something that is tangental to many of the discussions on MetaTalk these days, rather than The Rules for Posting. I just wanted to add a bit of soft encouragement in response to their hesitations.
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I had thought that she was keeping her real identity private but here's a nyt profile.
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Oh, thank goodness! Her last videos were posted a couple of months ago and it seemed from some of the content like she'd been having issues with stalkers and haters and such. I was hoping she hadn't been driven off the platform. But instead it just looks like she was making some moves! She's so funny and brilliant--I wish her every success.
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I just adore her. Very much looking forward to seeing how she shows up on film!
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I too was worried that the Internet had gotten to her and she decided to return to anonymity and abandon her YouTube channel. I've never read Joe Hill but I can't wait to watch this. Love her Drunk Book Reviews.
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I was wondering how she could get into acting while in the service but apparently she's out now.

Best of luck to her, I hope it goes well; she clearly had a rough childhood.
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What! Oh, I'm so excited about this. I love Sailor J, and the show sounds way cool
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These announcements are always a roller coaster for me. I would so much rather see books being made into films or mini-series than an open-ended TV series. It just means we won't get to see actual book actually adapted. And I'd much rather invest two hours in a movie than 100 hours in a TV series. And sure, sometimes you get American Gods, but sometimes you get Under the Dome.
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So, does this count as a good post then?
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Happy stuff is always a good post!
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hell yea, she is so great I'm thrilled to see her doing something exciting like this!
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Yay! I will happily follow Sailor J to whatever creative projects she wants to do.
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