You can blog if you want to and O'reilly would like to tell you how.
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You can blog if you want to and O'reilly would like to tell you how. Some have commented how antithetical it is for bloggers to keep a secret, even if a book deal requires them to. Well, these folks would like you to comment and contribute.
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On surface looks good. But the old game: send in this and that and I will get a book and sales out of it. You work; I collect.
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Hmm. Maybe it'll be really good! But mostly I think, oh, a print book... about internet tools. Isn't that like drawing about music?

Why don't they just keep the book as a series of PDF files? Like, for free, ahem. Why would "internet pioneers" privilege the form of a book?
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Aimed at a technology-literate O'Reilly audience, Essential Blogging shows how to install and use the major weblog tools: Blogger, Radio Userland, Blosxom, and Movable Type.

A book on installing and using well-documented (okay, maybe not always) tools? Yeah, real technical, that. I was hoping for a book on building a content-management system. It would contain some basic info about HTML, CSS, XML, CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL (perhaps other database stuff like XML:DB), all in one handy volume. Okay, maybe not.

NB: This post threw quite a few false spelling errors for words that should probably be in mefi's dictionary. Even "mefi's" isn't included! Serves me right for not knowing how to spell.
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Disclaimer : A friend of mine is involved with the O'Reilly book.

That said, I don't think this book is aimed at people who already have weblogs, or people who are particularly technical. My impression is that it is intended as a survey and how-to for those new to the addiction.

Also, the call for comments is for short pieces to be included in one chapter of the book - they won't make up the whole thing. All of the chapter for the O'Reilly book are already available for review, online. Can't get much further from 'secrecy' than that...
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