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Julia Bell sure doesn't flinch - that was a good read. I've heard of Berghain (and enjoy seeing vids Ben Klok mix) and this piece lives up to my imaginings - altho' the 'dark room' was a surprise.
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This explains so well why I love techno, and that place.
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as a sort of boring American who loves electronic music deeply, I've made my peace with the fact that I'll probably never be able to go inside.
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I also really appreciate that this article is written by a middle-aged academic. If you take a look at her website and see what she looks like, she looks like what is in Berghain a normal techno person but not what a sort of standard dance music consumer might imagine.. I am glad that the aspect of "adults that like techno" is made more visible in this way. (I am a 36 year old man and when I lived in the states I felt very self-conscious about being too old for dance music in my late 20s because of the club culture there)
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Well, that was goddamn excellent.
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The year I spent in Berlin was a dark time for me in most ways, and the eight hours I spent at Berghain (and subsequent hours at other similar venues) were a pinpoint of light in the midst of it all. I say this as someone who is Not A Club Person. So whether or not it becomes a cliché or “over” or who knows what, I’ll always think of it as “that place I felt not depressed for a while” and be grateful. Thanks for the article.
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I'm older than her and can confirm that yes, techno is potentially for everyone.
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That was excellent - she's a really talented author. Berghain has long been on my bucket list and this confirms both my desire to go there and the fear that, as a generic middle-aged american dude, I very well might not be able to get in.
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"Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me."
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I get this so much. The aloneness of it. And the joy. And I keep my Detroit phone number forever. Funny how much weight three numbers can carry. Thank you for finding and sharing this. I got to talk with Ritchie Hawtin a while back, and tried to express how influential he and Richard James were, for me, and he told me a crazy story about the two of them.
I’m not young anymore, I guess. But I’m thankful that I get to know what good is, now.
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Funny, I was just reading about Berghain earlier today. There's really no way to get into it, is there? It's just fully up to the bouncer?
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gucci mane, that's true. I do hear that it's easier to get in if you arrive when not many other people are there. (Some local friends of mine would arrive after Sunday breakfast, for example [for the Saturday night party]).
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There is no system or rule to get into Berghain. Go, be polite, hope for the best, and have a backup club in mind if you don't get in. (e.g. Tresor, Ritter Butzke, Kit-Kat Club (warning: sex club), Gretschen, Kater Blau, Club der Visionaere, Watergate...). Berghain is a very good club, but there are so many good clubs in Berlin. I don't understand why people (usually Americans) are told that this is the only place to dance to techno, ever.

The thing about going after Sunday breakfast is mostly that the line is shorter, so you can know your fate of being rejected or accepted more quickly. It's also nicer for old people like me who would fall asleep after getting into the club at the usual 2 AM.

But as to the original article: most articles about Berghain are fawning garbage. This was really good. It really captured the state of mind of going to a good techno club and losing yourself to the experience. Yay!
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I’ve never even been to a European-style techno club so I wouldn’t know what to do anyway, but maybe if I can ever get out of America I’ll get the chance to go to a few!
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