My Depression Is Like Having A Bad Dog
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People who know me personally will know that I have a dog and that I'm fairly open about it, but it isn't something I discuss much publicly. I prefer to wait a while to introduce people to it, because my dog is difficult. My dog is not a good dog.

Dog Years, by Kaye Blegvad, for Buzzfeed.
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As someone who ordered pizza for her and her kid because I haven't the spoons to do anything else, this resonates super hard right now.
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I hope this gets made into a small picture book. I have people i want to buy copies for as well as my own shelf.
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Excellent piece and I look forward to seeking out more of Kaye Blegvad’s work.
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It took years for that work to pay off, and during that time I wasn't able to engage with much else. The dog had my focus.

Owning a bad dog sure can sap your energy. I liked the way it moved on to the idea of other people’s dogs.
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I saw this previously and followed her on IG, where I now look at all the lovely jewelry the artist also designs.
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“But what will you do to keep away the black dog that worries you at home?”
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Love this, thank you.

Small picture book found!
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Thank you gennessee! I also got her joy toy, a tiny maze that reminded me exactly of how life can feel. Her work is so loose lines and precise at the same time, beautiful.
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My dog tried to kill me once, but my wife managed to him off of me. She got a few scars from the fight. Now we watch him closely together, and know what to do when he snarls.
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I don't know how to interpret the section where her dog and her friend's dog get together, play, and wear each other out.
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Some people get you and in sharing the burden, the dogs are worn out. Other people don't help. (Make the depression worse.)
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Ok but ‘treats’ is an poor analogy for medication. Does she mean that this is how she manages (motivates? Placates?) the condition?
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This analogy has been made into a powerful comic by another artist: "I had a black dog, his name was depression."
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freya_lamb: "Ok but ‘treats’ is an poor analogy for medication. Does she mean that this is how she manages (motivates? Placates?) the condition?"

I don't think the treats are medication. I think the treats are sometimes doing what the depression wants - in order to get through the day you need to indulge in habits you'd prefer to break, like sleeping 12 hours or eating a huge bag of Cheetos.
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Ah wait never mind, I just read it again, you're right - it is medication.
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I really, really appreciated this. Enjoyed isn't the right word at all, but it was good, and hearing of others and how they manage is a boon.

And somewhere in all this is a witty comment about cats being better than dogs, but I can't quite think of it at the moment.
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Also Winston Churchill.

Yeah, I often refer to my dog as my Black Dog, like Churchill did. And sometimes I think of it as a wolf, which, like Fenris with Odin, could swallow me whole if I allowed it.
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I read treats as treatment.

It works as a symbol for self care, or medication, or even as couple of self-indulgent mopes.

I am slightly skeptical that everyone has a black dog. Everyone feels bad sometimes, but depression feels like a different species than quotidian sadness/grief/low mood. Not a difference in dog size.

I'm open to being wrong, but that's how I've understood it, speaking as a life-long dog owner myself.
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I agree that not everyone has a dog, and sometimes people without dogs don't want to be around dog-owners, ever. But the analogy is pretty effective otherwise.
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Thanks, OP! I haven’t seen this before and it really speaks to me.
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Thank you for this.
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Thanks for posting and thanks AstroCatCommander for making me suddenly cry while eating a burrito.
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