The Elsewhere Visitor's Guide, with dark IDM soundtrack by Face Culler
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The Elsewhere Visitor's Guide is a service of The Lostlands Travel Council, designed to provide more information about some of the locations in Elsewhere*, with a mood-setting soundtrack of gothic dungeon synth, IDM and breakbeats by Face Culler in 12 tracks on Bandcamp, plus 2 tracks on Soundcloud (Castelo de Marcela and Ferryman Acid (tape)). You can also browse the map and location descriptions on Face Culler's Facebook gallery.

* If you're new to The Lostlands, Elsewhere is located south of The Bespectered Realm and north of The Lostlands, with the Sombre Sea to the west and Lake Elsewhere to the east, which serves as a barrier between Elsewhere, the Savage Nowhere and the Enduring Wilds.
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Not to be confused with Elsweyr. You can tell the latter from the litter box smell.
posted by Celsius1414 at 5:45 PM on July 8, 2018

This is great. Like a downtempo or just slightly jazzy Aphex Twin. Bonus points for the unique take on album art.
posted by Room 101 at 6:35 PM on July 8, 2018

Post-apocalyptic Seattle, I see. The "Ossuary Perch" was the obvious giveaway.
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OMG, I used to work with this artist. He's pretty much excellent at whatever he decides to do, and his music is no exception.
Dunno about Elsewhere, but much of his music is procedurally generated.

Anyways, I'm just tickled that this popped up on the blue.
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This is really, really good.
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