Qwirkle may cause insomnia; consult your doctor before playing.
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Originally, this FPP was just to say that I have been playing Qwirkle online versus a bot... but then I found the parent site, UltraBoardGames, to house a few more online versions of popular board games, as well as being a repository of rules, tips, variations, Youtube walkthroughs, news, and project kickstarters for a ____ of other board games.
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This is great - thank you! One problem I have playing Qwirkle IRL is that I always find the game spreads off the table I'm playing it on. No such problem here.
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Ok, I have basically stopped doing anything since someone made an fpp about cardgames.io two months ago. So, uh, I guess thanks for getting rid of that habit.
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I don't know whether to thank you or blame you for my new Qwirkle addiction...
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I just got curb-stomped in Quirkle twice against the computer.
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My wife and I are both cutthroats in quirkle-space, and so we’re hesitant to bring our 5-yo son into the fray. But he’s now become instead a shark at Rat-A-Tat Cat. So... pick your poison?
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