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The extended interview transcript between John Mellencamp and Jane Pauley is charming and worth reading, across 5 pages.

They also wrote an article distilling the interview, if you'd prefer something shorter.
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I finally saw Mellencamp in concert last summer and was really impressed. I kind of expected him to somewhat mail it in, but instead, he messed with the arrangement on just about every one of his tunes and played with the enthusiasm of a 25-year-old still trying to prove he belongs on the stage.
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Yikes. I'm back in the 1980s. John Cougar unspirals from little girls's vinyl. Jane Pauley appears through our rabbit ears. (But it was Charles Kuralt who had that Sunday Morning gig.) I can smell breakfast.

It sounds like Mellancamp turned out OK. We thought he was just a lightweight B-grade rocker back then, and he's been in my blind spot ever since. How's he sound now? I think I'll just go steal a copy and see...
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How's he sound now?

Well, more recent than the 80s... "Stones in My Passway" is bluesy and worth hearing. I also like "If I Die Sudden."
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He walked into Tower Records on 66th St. in NYC when I was working there in the 80s. Seemed like a nice guy - he was chatting with anybody who came up to him. Didn't get to talk to him because I was on bag check.
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Oh, he and Meshell Ndegeocello do a good Van Morrison 'Wild Nights' cover together.
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A college friend of mine and I once encountered Mellencamp at a Fuddruckers. Because my friend was an aspiring photographer, he was carrying a professional quality camera and Mellencamp graciously permitted him to take his picture. We used it for a story in the college paper, titled "Mellencamp Visits Fuddruckers."
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John Cougar Melon Camp. These are four words that don't belong together.
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That Johnny Cash story is hilarious. Thanks for this. Great interview.
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I don't listen to him, he was always Top 40 while on my radar at all, but the guy is a good guy. Even so, I don't think he'd sound like a county fair act if I saw him, and I may only recognize the encores, but I'm sure I'd still have a good time. I could totally have a Garry Shandling-Tom Petty friendship with him. Jane Pauley is just super, too.
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JANE PAULEY: But, you know, I deliberately ask that in hopes that you might say that, 'cause you have said that sometimes before, "I'm not interesting." And I wonder if that is just a little bit of the Hoosier thing that you and I have in common.

Huh, Jane Pauley is from Indianapolis. That's neato.
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I literally bumped into him in the frozen foods aisle at the Kroger in Bloomington, Indiana when I was a grad student back in 1989. I wasn't even really sure it was him for a second until he smiled. I believe the conversation went like this:

ME: Oh hi, sorry.
HIM: Hey man, sorry.
Aaaaand Scene!
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