Let Someone Other Than The QB Throw The Ball
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In a surprisingly Jon Bois-less episode of Dorktown, the discussion turns to looking at the efficiency of passers in the NFL who aren't the guy whose job description is "throws the ball". Turns out, letting someone other than the QB throw is more effective than you'd think. (SLYT)

Dorktown previously on the Blue.
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How dare they produce an episode without Jon!
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I don't know much about Football, but I do have two words with regards to non-QB passers and effectiveness: Philly. Special.

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Bois minus Bois is no Garfield minus Garfield, that's for sure.
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Even without Bois, this was great. Thanks for sharing!
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In a sport based around creating physical or tactical mismatches and where every position is extremely specialized, it's no surprise that players that are able to challenge those specializations create said mismatches.

LaDainian was so dangerous on the passing game because he was also at his prime the best RB in the league and had a decent spiral, like his idol, Payton. The moment any of them would try to go off-tackle too wide and behind or get a way-behind screen pass and apparently set themselves for a big loss, every linebacker would try to stop them, some corners would be distracted enough to move into run support, and there's where the mismatches happen. It only takes one corner taking his eye from a receiver for a second for him to be open wide.

Would be interesting to see if there's also stats for passes by non-qbs thrown inside vs outside the pocket.
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I always love non-QB throw plays, because they are ridiculously easy to defeat as long as everyone does their job as outlined by the coaches. You can tell the players (really teams) that rely on skill & instinct rather than coaching on those kinds of plays.
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I think we all learned from Cyberball 2072 that even attempting to have your powerback throw a pass is a recipe for disaster and will probably result in his little robot head exploding.
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SBN is just killing it with their video series right now - beef history, if - then, rewind, world's worst, etc!
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