The Tapestry of the Search for Terrestrial Intelligence
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The Tapestry of the Search for Terrestrial Intelligence : MetaFilter's own moonmilk took a copy of a copy of the audio data on Voyager's Golden Record, and turned it into a 40-meter-long tapestry of human images-as-sound. Watch it all scroll by. [via mefi projects]
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Wow! That's incredibly cool. I really wish I could see it person.
posted by treepour at 1:26 PM on July 12

Wow. So cool!
posted by terrapin at 1:50 PM on July 12

Watching the tapestry scroll by makes me feel a lot of emotions, most of them good*, and all of them powerful. I couldn't this was cooler.

* - I'm never going to feel completely okay when I'm reminded of my insignificant size compared to the rest of the universe.
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Makes my own attempt at SETI-themed textile art look kind of like shit.
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Welcome mat!
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Wait, how did they create the tapestry?
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Aw, that's rad, theodolite.
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[Editor's note: the yahoo who made this post originally suggested the tapestry was forty feet long. It is forty meters long, which is significantly longer. The yahoo has been sacked. We regret the error.]
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Thanks for posting this! Here's some pictures of my dog sitting on a test swatch.
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I love your Arecibo transmission rug, theodolite!

I bet there's someone here who's embroidered the Pioneer Plaque.
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By now, confusing meters and feet in the context of spacecraft has become a fine Earthling tradition, anyway my guess watching the video was 500 feet.
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I originally wanted to make it 150 meters long - nearly 500 feet - but budget (and common sense) didn't allow.
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That is officially the coolest thing I've ever seen.
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The video of the tapestry scrolling with the audio of the golden record is wonderful!

My attempts at decoding the Voyager images used the version, which unfortunately was recorded with auto-gain control and a wobbly record player. The sync pulse allows us to handle the variable speed (Kyle McDonald, who actually knows how to do signal processing, used FFTs to detect them), but the AGC's normalization really makes it washed out and adds the dark, shadow-like bands after the pulses and data.
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This should take its place alongside the Bayeux tapestry and Carole King’s Tapestry among the most celebrated tapestries ever! Theodolite’s rug is very cool as well!
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Mynd you, yahøø tapestries kan be pretti nasti.
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