“Looks like you all know who my pal is"
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"In the year and a half since Barack Obama left office, dozens of books have been written about his administration, including memoirs by his official photographer, stenographer, speechwriter, communications director, his foreign policy advisers and his director of national intelligence, not to mention the Obamas’ own forthcoming memoirs. But only one book includes a scene where Obama bursts into a motorcycle gang clubhouse in Delaware, casually toting a sawed-off shotgun, to rescue Joe Biden from a mob of angry, heavily armed bikers." Hope Never Dies (NYT) and link to buy the book.
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stories from one of the better timelines *sigh*
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"to rescue a mob of bikers from an angry, heavily armed Joe Biden."

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Wait...it's not from the Onion writers?

I would totally buy a book-length riff on Diamond Joe Biden's memoirs. This, not so much.
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yeah, ol' Joe Biden's been in trouble before
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I’m starting to believe we’re not in the darkest timeline, just the weirdest and the dumbest.
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Shade Is the best book about Obama
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C'mon, we all know that when Obama kicks down the door, all he's gonna see is Ol' Joe sitting at a table, swapping stories with the whole bar while sipping a Mexican Coke.

Diamond Joe don't need no rescuin'.
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That sounds like shamefaced slashfic where the protagonists don't fuck.
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Check out the whole Onion - Biden archive. The accompanying pictures are sublime.
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Yeah this seems a ripoff of the Onion's Biden narrative.
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This isn't the novel we need - it's the novel we deserve.
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"I'm in" I say as I toss the keys to my Trans Am to Barry and Joe and I jump in.
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See also The Obama Inheritance.
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Seems like a good place to recall The Obamadämmerung.
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One night, when they have to share a bed in a fleabag motel room and Biden can’t fall asleep, he makes Obama play “POTUS, SCOTUS or FLOTUS,” a game that involves naming three female politicians and picking which one you would elect president, nominate for the Supreme Court or marry.

AH-MAZING. This is a game I can get behind and just the type of thing my bruised little heart imagines they would play!
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Pounded In The Butt By My Crushing Sense Of Weltschmerz And Concomitant Escapist Fantasies
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So I actually got this book (it was mentioned by a Sherlock podcast) and guys it's actually really really fun and I'm having a blast reading it. I didn't realize before today I'm in the venn diagram of Obama+Biden bromance and Sherlock pastiche but it is a LOVELY place and the perfect ridiculous break from real political stories on this day of rain and tea.

Treat yourself.
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