Minnark is a cat who lives in Al Ain with his camel friends
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Minnark is a cat who lives in Al Ain with his camel friends, Mr. Buzzer and Mr. Buzzer’s mom.  Minnark goes for camel rides and traverses camel necks like a bridge. He gets lots of camel cuddles. When winter ends, he chomps off mom’s winter coat. Minnark and Mr. Buzzer enjoy each others’ tails. The camels’ food trough is a great place for cat & camel socializing. Sometimes Mr. Buzzer is a pest. One time this happened.   (All links are to twitter. Names are from google translate.)

Not all the cats are camel friends, but other cats like to gather at the water trough.  And there are many other cats:
Some lazy cats. Lots and lots of sleeping cats.
This bathing cat.
This long cat.
This digging cat.
This cat who sits like a bulldog. (Mr. Blue)
This lap cat.
This up-high cat.
Cats in circles, cat who loves holes.
Cats in trees.
Cats flanking Mr. Buzzer.
There is also a house bunny, digging, enjoying his hole, snoozing with a cat friend. And some dogs, playing on sand dunes, and running under the moon. And deer, who hang with the cats in the yard, have staring contests, and keep an eye on the bunny.
And a whole host of other wildlife, including, guinea hens, this little guy, (with a buddy & helping himself to cat food), a fox, dung beetle, sand fish, a what, a round little bird. So many creatures roaming around, leaving tracks in the sand.
There are sculptures of the cats and of the whole menagerie.
Finally there are beautiful sunsets and moons. More. More. More. More.
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Long cat is amazingly long.
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Minnark has a sweet, fluttery meow in the video linked from "cat" in "cat & camel socializing".

(I think Minnark is likely a she, not a he, both because calicos are almost always female, and because in that video one of the humans said something about "she".)
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"Almost always" as in "male calicos are kept in kennels and insured through Lloyd's Of London."
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Why does the cat chew off the winter coat? That's what? Symbiotic, no? Damn I lost the word. That's fascinating, though.
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Yes. Yes, my fine feline friends.
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I saw Johnny Wallflower’s name above this post and almost sent a bug report.

I’m, um, going to look at kitties now. Yay kitties!
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Oh! That cat is very long!
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I love everything about this.
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Princess Consuela of TinyKittens is getting ready to birth some kittens, y'all.
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Princess Consuela’s labor turned unexpectedly dramatic with an emergency trip to the vet. It appears mother and kittens are fine, but that was not the evening I (or anyone else) was hoping for.
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Yeah. PC was progressing. I did the dishes and laundry for twenty minutes. Tuned back in and the notice was up that PC was on the way to the emergency vet for a c-section. The kittens were big enough that they couldn't go through the birth canal. One kitten was stillborn - congenital defects. Last update from last night said the three surviving kittens were nursing.
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