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Nudi of the Week! It's not what you think. Exquisitely beautiful slugs with brilliant colors, funky patterns and a delicious candy coating. Just kidding about that last part. But damn these nudibranchs sure are pretty. Lots of other nudi links at the Slug Site.
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Sorry, my company's firewall blocks nudi pictures...
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Hot Slug Action! All Nudi, All The Time! Sexy Phestilla Lugubris Just Waiting For You! These CamSlugs Have Got What You Need!

...sorry, i had to
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Slug on slug action. And because they are hermaphrodites-they can go both ways!
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Heh. They even cater to the S&M crowd: Janolus barbarensis. And Halgerda willeyi looks real fun to lick.
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Wow! These are the prettiest pictures I've seen from MeFi in a very long time. Thanks!
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Some secrete toxic chemicals like sulfuric acid. Others fire stinging cells (nematocysts) which they acquire from other animals which they have eaten, such as hydroids and anemones. These pass through the digestive system and migrate into their cerata (the finger-like projections along their back).

If I read this right, it's like swallowing a scorpion and (eventually) having venomous finger spikes. Why do we chordates miss out on the cool stuff?
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You're welcome, rio, thanks for saying it. And for the horny masses, here's a scanning electron micrograph of a gold-covered nudi penis.

The descriptions are great, but does anyone else wonder if all these underwater photographers are really finding new species when they name these things? I mean, I know "species" can be an iffy concept, but nudi-lovers do seem awful quick to name a new species in honor of their buddy. Minor quibble, I know.

I love week #132. And 137, 186, 163, 178, 191 and (my current favorite) goofy li'l 121. Why are we looking for alien life on other planets when we have such amazing creatures here that we've barely begun to understand?

Sheesh. Monkeys.
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And for the horny masses, here's a scanning electron micrograph of a gold-covered nudi penis
...submitted by DONG lin, no less.
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None of the aliens in "Star Wars" have ever looked so cool, that's for sure. Gorgeous photos.
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Wonderful. I (nearly) forgive, now, the slugs for eating my hostas.

Speaking of which, it does seem that all these beautiful specimens are sea slugs - what really is the difference between them and the nasty bastards in my garden (if any)?
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what really is the difference between them and the nasty bastards in my garden (if any)?

They're both molluscs in the class Gastrapoda. And try a shallow dish of beer to kill them in your garden; slug alcoholism saved my outdoor cacti's new growth from being eaten to pieces last spring. 2 nights and 8 bloated dead slugs later, they were gone and haven't come back.

Also, I just found a very cool Sea Slug Forum that's designed to "generate further interest in these amazing animals." Check out the "solar-powered" slugs that are able to incorporate working chloroplasts from algal food into their bodies. Wow. I'm starting to wonder how many useful things us monkeys could learn from sea slugs if we took time to look. Where are the drug companies when you need them?
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and here I thought it was going to be about Nudie [entirely work safe] who made Elvis' famous rhinestone costumes.
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Wow! Those are tre cool! Thanks for the links. As to the comments; ye gods I love you're always good for a giggle. :)
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...reaching for the salt....

No, wait. These ARE cool.
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