Missing Dog Head!
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Missing Dog Head! And other /Insane/ things found. Provided to you by Ubu.com Also check out the mp3 section for hundreds of audio recordings by other loonies like Artaud, Duchamp, Burroughs, etc etc...
posted by protocool (7 comments total)
Okay, completely unrelated to the post, but when I see "Ubu" and "dog" in the same sentence, I can only think of:

"Sit Ubu sit. Good dog."
posted by Grum at 8:25 PM on May 31, 2002

Yes! The Ubu Productions trademark.... That used to be one of my favorite parts of [i]Family Ties[/i].
posted by Down10 at 8:31 PM on May 31, 2002

Ahh, the famous Ling Ling poster! That thing was created ages ago by a wacko genius from around these parts known as LMNOP. He also publishes a comic called Baby Sue. If you want to see how Ling Ling dealt with all that fame, read the interview. Caution: These links contain some rather politically incorrect humor, so don't click 'em if you're a big fat pansy, er, I mean don't click 'em if you are easily offended.
posted by spilon at 9:30 PM on May 31, 2002

proto, thanks for the link. that giorno "eating the sky" mp3 hit the spot. i've been looking for an mp3 of his poem from the film poetry in motion for a long time now. no luck. this'll do for now though.
posted by dobbs at 10:04 PM on May 31, 2002

Nice collection of mp3s. Click here to listen to John Cage's 4'33".
posted by billder at 11:20 PM on May 31, 2002

mmmm...delish...nothing like a little William S. Burroughs sampling to dub into my new mix tape
posted by yonderboy at 1:03 AM on June 1, 2002

Some of these smack of small town newspaper fill. To fill out a classifieds page, bored grunts sometimes conjur up ridiculous ads.
posted by HTuttle at 2:27 PM on June 1, 2002

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