Climate Change Is Killing the Cedars of Lebanon
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The ancient cedars of Lebanon have outlived empires and survived modern wars. Clinging to shrinking patches of territory, these trees stand for Lebanon’s resilience. Now, global warming could finish them off.
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Oh, this makes me so sad! If you study the Bible, you spend a lot of time on the Cedars of Lebanon, since they have so very many implications for travel and architecture and nation-building.

I know they're not super-important as a resource today when boats are built of metal, but they defined Lebanon's independence and income for millennia, and they grew in such inhospitable climes -- they're hard to lose.
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Many thousands of square kilometers of forest once spread across most of Lebanon’s highlands. Only 17 square kilometers of cedars remain, in scattered groves.

That's about 6.5 square miles.

It doesn't even matter about timber. That's not why we preserve the sequoias or the ancient bristlecones.
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This makes me really sad. Lebanon is a beautiful country. I’ve had Lebanese Friends.
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Same is happening to the baobabs in Africa
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A cabinet I built in woodworking school has two small drawer bottoms of Lebanon cedar from a chunk given to me almost 20 years ago by the school's elderly head instructor. Even then he already regarded it as a precious material. At least at first it made for a nice smell when the drawers were opened, but now I'm not sure I can discern its aroma from those of the other woods, oil, shellac and wax.

I think I still have the rest of that piece in a tote in my basement. Can't decide whether I should feel guilty.
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I saw the headline. Couldn't bring myself to read it. I also can't force myself to read about the polar bears.
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all trees are my friends, but the cedar is the most beautiful tree.
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Can't decide whether I should feel guilty.

As long as you try to do it the justice it deserves...

But yeah, I totally get you; I feel similar with ivory - if it was already harvested... burning it feels disrespectful to the elephant who it was poached from. But I also totally get the ethical argument on the other side (deterrence, non-reward, blood history).
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