Food of and for rebellions
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Food fit for fighting: The surprising origin of Argentina’s brazen pastry names -- A union of anarchist bakers used their pastries as propaganda, assigning them monikers meant to mock those who opposed their efforts. More from Gastro Obscura: How Argentina’s Baked Goods Reveal Its Political Past -- From “monk’s balls” to “cannons,” these pastries get subversive.) || See also: San Diego Free Press's trio of stories titled Seeds of Rebellion, Part I - Zapatista Food Forests | Part II - The Invasion of North American GMO Corn and the Price of Resistance | (Part III coming soon)
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Two more topically related articles from the BBC, seen on the blue previously

The curious story of Denmark’s rebel cakes -- Once associated with war and rebellion, the Danish kaffebord – or coffee table – has become an opportunity for shared friendship and cake. (Previously)

The unlikely sausage that saved lives -- Now one of Portugal’s seven gastronomic wonders, this sausage likely saved hundreds, maybe thousands, of souls during the Spanish Inquisition. (Previously; more from CataVino on Alheira: The King of Portuguese Sausage)
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This is metafilter
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calorie-counting is counterrevolutionary.
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"An army marches on its stomach."
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