Bee in the City (in pictures)
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An exhibition in Manchester of painted bees And here's the link to the exhibition, with lots of info on the why and whereofs: Bee in the city exhibition
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Pride bee! Bee with painted bees on! So many pretty bees.
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According to all known laws of aviation, an exhibition about bees should not be able to fly...
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Our city got sold on swans like this by some company. Swans have no obvious connection to our little city, and a city up the road has carousel horses for some equally opaque reason. These swans still sit in front of various businesses--operational or defunct--years later, most of the birds quite bedraggled at this point. I'm a little cynical about these types of civic installations. Though these are lovely of course.
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Not sure if it's explicitly stated on these sites, but the bee is on Manchester's coat-of-arms, representing industry.
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I love these! I live in Manchester, and there are bees everywhere. On cars, on shops, lots of people have a bee tattooed on them(!), on gin bottles, bees and related patterns are everywhere. It's a symbol of the city. People are so so proud to be Mancunian.
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I also live in Manchester and the bee is verrry much an important part of Manchester identity. Bees are everywhere, like Braeburn says, but also integrated into The city…embedded into the street stones, painted on the walls, embossed on the sides of bins. Even the ashtray grates on the tops of bins are honeycomb!

The bees are very much welcome here! Partner and I are going on a treasure hunt to look at them all today. 🐝
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Oh drat, you’re right. What do you think about an MCR mefi 🐝 meetup in the next week or so?
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