Evolution of Video Game Music: Played on Violin
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Part One. [SLYT 3min 50sec] Part Two [SLYT 2min 45sec]

Part one covers 1986 - 2017
Part Two covers some missing years/games: 1991, 1996, 2004

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How does he not, in two entire videos of this, have Chrono Trigger or any FF other than X (which while I love it did not have the most memorable music)? I feel like any video game music "evolution" video which doesn't at least gesture at One-Winged Angel has a pretty large lacuna.

On the other hand, the set pieces are hilarious and fun, and the music he does play he plays well.
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This is legit cool. Great share.
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Part one starts at 1972, Pong. The game where Nolan Bushnell wanted a cheering crowd of thousands, and Al Alcorn said screw this guy and went poking around in the video sync generator for some kind of audible beep that he could gate.
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I have a lot of stupid internet-frustrated responses but, like, Scattercat, appreciate the costumes. "Evolution" it's not, but it DOES interestingly highlight how quickly we get to "orchestral" and just stay there -- at least in the big-name games. Composition-wise, there isn't anything that's separated "video game music" from "every other music" for a long time (see: Zelda, maybe something earlier?), and since PSX (??) its been the exact same instrumentation, too, just took awhile for the bitrate to get up.
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And definitely not the FFX piece I would've picked; that'd be Someday the Dream Will End, which.. I don't know, it's fine music, but in context it wrecks me.

The obvious FF choice of the chiptune era would be NES Opening Theme (crystal theme is whatever).
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Also how is there no Metroid?!

(hello i have a lot of feelings about video game music)
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C64 game music, a genre unto itself, always gets ignored with stuff like this. Alas.
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grumpybear69, you try covering this on solo violin.
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Love the costumes, though he kind of muffs the Pokemon segment by playing the TV theme song instead of any of the great themes from the actual game.

(Also, needs more Katamari!)
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