Ever wondered what life was like on an Australian cattle station?
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"The Central Station journal has been created by a group of women who love their way of life in the northern [Australian] cattle industry."

My time in the North Australian Beef Industry
The Vegetarian Backpacker
Socialising and schooling in the outback
The Royal Flying Doctor Service
Dealing with depression
School of the Air in the 60’s

"Have you ever wondered what it’s like living five hours from the nearest supermarket? Or having a million acre backyard, with your neighbours a two hour drive away?

How about going to primary school over the internet and having your mail delivered by plane, while you spend your days mustering cattle using horses, motorbikes and helicopters?

What would life be like if you didn’t own a fridge and had to buy your meat fresh from the market every day to feed your family?

Central Station is here to give you the chance to learn about the North Australia and Indonesian cattle industry from the comfort of your home. Sit back, relax and follow the journey of Australian cattle from their beginning on cattle stations to the overseas markets for which they are bred. Along the way, take the time to meet people who care for these animals and learn about their unique way of life."
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Here are some other good ones I've just found in the shopping & cooking category about cooking out on a remote cattle station: posted by mosessis at 2:37 AM on July 24, 2018

Another really good read (I was going to make it it's own FPP but I think it will go well here, as it's about Central Station)

Not a Farmer's wife
It's a beautifully produced article with fantastic images.

"Jane and Steph built a community around the idea that sharing stories was a powerful way to connect and cope for everyone, not just women."
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The Flying Doctor

No idea why linking no longer works for me.

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freethefeet - I'm so glad you linked that article! I really like it, too.
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This is so great - what an interesting collection of stories.
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That made for very interesting reading; you can tell that there's a lot of passion and emotion hiding under some stoic and calm veneers. Thank you for posting, mosessis!
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