The Most Feminine Black Metal Album of All Time
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Smashing Nazism Through Tolkienist Thematics with Feminazgul - Astral Noize I think it’s fair to identify with either side of the conflict in Lord Of The Rings, in some ways. I’ve long held that the orcs should become the proletarian analogy they were born to be and overthrow Saruman and Sauron. But the Feminazgul, in particular… what do the Nazgul do besides find men who have power (the ring) and take that power away from them? Sure, the regular Nazgul then give it back to Sauron, but hey, since I’m making this shit up, the Feminazgul can do whatever they want. So yeah… in short, Feminazgul hunt men who hold power.

With her recent Feminazgul work The Age Of Men Is Over now available, we thought it was time for a chat, so Astral Noize took the opportunity to ask this rightly outspoken musician about the state of black metal, Antifa activity, keyboard militia and The Lord Of The Rings.
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My personal taste runs more toward drone/doom/sludge/stoner, but I have room in my heart and then some for anything called The Age Of Men Is Over — and twice as much for someone brave enough to attempt the redefinition of kvlt. Thanks and \m/.
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This is great, thank you!

Nazism is also a politics of fear and cowardice. Nazis are chickenshit. It’s actually why fighting them is so effective. I’ve talked to old Antifa street fighters from the late 80s when Nazis were everywhere in punk, and Nazis don’t stick to their guns as soon as they’re losing even a little. Nazis make terrible underdogs. As soon as they’re underdogs, they run and hide and quit. Which is good. Which is why we should keep punching them.
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This is fantastic, thank you for posting. This brings to mind one of my favorite albums from last year (and finally issued on vinyl this spring!), Lingua Ignota's "All Bitches Die," which deals explicitly with themes of domestic violence.
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So it goes with black metal? But with slightly different axes. Say you’re really misanthropic and love nature. You could take that and go anti-civ and green, or you could get all folk-ish in the Nazi sense.

I REALLY want to know what is meant by "folkish Nazis" in this example, because I have latched onto black metal (NO NSBM) as a genre for the former but I am often terrified that people will associate me with the latter. Really the difference seems to be...level of desire and active measures to destroy what one hates to create a world that suits your identity (Nazi) versus just passively hating humanity in your own bubble while wishing no harm to others (Misanthrope)? Same with Paganism and Satanism?
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I also lean doom/drone, so while this isn't usually where I'm at, I'm probably going to buy it anyway, because I appreciate what she's doing, I love a good Tolkien pun, and seriously fuck Nazis.

Recently I also ran across another recent anti-fascist Black Metal release: White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers by Neckbeard Deathcamp.

(Also, Lingua Ignota previously)
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The interesting OTHER aspect of BM being that it is still the music of the "metal elite" and has been classified as the highest art form in the genre (maybe Prog second, but that seems to only be a competition to see who can prog the best), but yes, it's still predominantly masculine in that elitism.
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I REALLY want to know what is meant by "folkish Nazis" in this example

Folk or folkish when used in a Nazi or white supremacist context usually refers to neo-Volkisch movements, including but not limited to some of the shittier corners of Satanism and revivalist Germanic or Norse paganism. These movements have been pretty heavily associated with black metal for a long time (ugh).

Also, this post is like all my metal dreams come true at once so thanks CrystalDave!
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I REALLY want to know what is meant by "folkish Nazis" in this example, because I have latched onto black metal (NO NSBM) as a genre for the former but I am often terrified that people will associate me with the latter.

It's not an unreasonable association, frankly. Month or so back I was in Helsinki — a metal town nonpareil, believe it — and ducked into a little store dedicated to black metal, rather unsurprisingly called KVLT. Fantastic, comprehensive selection...but also a prominently displayed swastika patch, stickers reading ODIN OVER ALLAH and BLACK METAL AGAINST ANTIFA and so on.

I noped on out of there, sure. But I was also given to understand something really valuable about the gulf between the understanding of black metal that's current in my circles, and that of the serious Nordic-tier enthusiast scene: without wanting to say I "enjoy black metal ironically," because that'd be hipster bullshit of the worst sort, it was clear to me that there is at the very least an irony gap involved in our appreciation. Like, when I see VARG DID NOTHING WRONG graffiti in a toilet somewhere, I laugh, because it's so over the top and stupid and I immediately assume the person who wrote it feels the same way and intends for us to share this wink and giggle. My most recent visit to Hel taught me to question this assumption. Now I'm more inclined to think, "When people tell you who they are, believe them."

The saddest bit of all, though, is in thinking that for all the effort they put into conflating black metal and far-right politics, kvltists of that flavor don't really understand nihilism very well at all. Like, do they really think this utterly, implacably hostile universe cares one whit what flavor of beardy skyfriend you hold up as a banner, avatar and figleaf for your puny human prejudices? Ha and again ha. We're all immigrants in this world from the moment of our birth, every last one of us, and thank fuck Mother Night hates us all equally.
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Great. I love Finnish Mythology too (my username is a character from their national epic) and I know some asshole white supremacists have been appropriating that as well. Had no idea it was actually occurring in the country itself but that somehow doesn't shock me. Still upsetting.
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Holy crap, Maaik, Lingua Ignota is blowing my mind. What an incredible recommendation.
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This hits all my buttons. There's no way I can't check this out. Thank you!

Also, I sent this to my Dad who was the person who introduced me to Tolkien, just to see what he makes of it.
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MetaFilter: multiculturalism and diversity and shit
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Also also, Maggie Killjoy has a lot of good shit to say and I'm really enjoying reading the interview. She really seems like the real deal.
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This is a really cool album, but the main thing I'm here to say is that "Feminazgul" might be the closest I've ever found to an accurate label for my gender identity.

Also I somehow missed Lingua Ignota the first time around and have been listening to "All bitches die" for 2 days more or less continuously. I printed out the lyrics and am bringing them with me to therapy this evening.
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