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The trouble with Ancestry.com and 23andme.com (...and police, and border patrol, and big pharma...)

Maybe you remember back in April when:
This is a reality in a world where the alleged Golden State Killer, now known as Joseph James DeAngelo, was arrested after DNA found at one of the killer's crime scenes was checked against genetic profiles from genealogical websites that collect DNA samples.

But here's another interesting reason:
But in case you needed another reason why voluntarily giving your DNA to companies is a bad idea, on Wednesday the genomic-ancestry company 23andMe announced it was forking over its DNA data to the world’s ninth-largest pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Lastly, this isn't contained to the US.
In another example of the extraordinary lengths Canadian immigration officials go to deport migrants, the Canada Border Services Agency has been collecting their DNA and using ancestry websites to find and contact their distant relatives and establish their nationality.
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The shark has jumped, about the time that meme was filmed. Have you paid a bill or had any interaction with society in the last several decades, recorded, perm, many db's.

What we need is an international (inter planetary probably) "Bill of Rights" amendment level core right that protects individuals.

Databases are not going away, there is no tech solution that BigData or AI or something something google can not beat. Deeply established rule of law that gives individuals and groups real protections is the only defense. It's great that the EU GDPR is making an attempt but it needs to be at a deeper level. After that it'll take decades of case law to allow the right to become ingrained in society, all while the tech morphs, becoming increasingly powerful and invasive.

DNA is just one incredibly powerful detail that over time will be integral to how we know ourselves, heal, improve, verify, validate and become oppressed if protections are not given as a core right.
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