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I think I might be misreading something - the comic I'm seeing features an ostrich, a monkey and a crocodile. (That is to say: it's not a racist stereotype, it's an actual monkey. The comics were full of racist stereotypes well into the 1970s at least, but that's not one of them.)

I suppose The Beano is like the ravens at the tower at this point - if it were to disappear the country might well go with it. As one of life's Weedy Walters, to be honest I'm quite ambivalent about it, but I do think Dudley D. Watkins is a god among illustrators.
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The Dandy has gone? Oh no.

My brother, in particular, was very into the Beano and the Dandy. I don't know if we found them ourselves or if my mom bought them in a fit of nostalgia, but it ended up with my grandad having a standing order at the newsagents. There'd be a stack of comics waiting for us when he came, or they'd come in his suitcase and sometimes by mail. This continued really past the age where one ages out of the Beano and Dandy, but emigration does funny things.

It's just as well that Haribo aren't vegetarian, now that they've become a thing in the US. Eating some very stale Haribo off the front of the Dandy put me off them for life.
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(And, yes, I realise D.D.W. didn't do Dennis the Menace, it was two separate thoughts. Baxendale and Reid also gods, come to think of it.)
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Wonderful memories! Several times a year, in the late 60s to mid 70s, my great Aunt Gracie would mail a thick roll of Beanos, Dandys, Toppers (and Beezers?) to us in Canada. Also the annuals at Xmas.

I have a lot of respect for the artists who churned these out week after week. I loved that the stories always ended with either the bully getting badly beaten with a cane/cricket bat/rug cleaner, given huge goose egg lumps on his head, black eyes, and maybe a wasp's nest jammed on his head. The Xmas stories were the same except the heroes enjoyed a big fancy "tuck in" while the bully suffered.
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Featured in the teaser for the next series of another British institution, Doctor Who
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I think I might be misreading something

Look to the left of the masthead.
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Dudley D Watkins is God.
I dream of one day holding in my hands a massive biography of D.D.W. Like the ones IDW have published on Alex Toth. D.C Thomson never returned art to the artists and I believe they have a massive archive which would make it possible to also maybe have some of those Artist Edition type books scanned from the art and printed same size.

There must be so many pages of his art as his output was phenomenal - Desperate Dan, Lord Snooty, The Broons, Oor Wullie, and (the utterly terrifying) Biffo The Bear were weekly pages for decades.

It's unlikely but I can dream...
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I think I might be misreading something

Look to the left of the masthead.

I was confused until I did a google image search. The offending bit's been edited out on some of the stories, for instance in The Telegraph.

What's the relationship between The Beano and Viz? I was introduced the the Viz by some ex-pats in Chicago, but wasn't familiar with The Beano. I get the impression Viz is kind of the same thing but for grown-ups.
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Came here to thank Beano for Viz.
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AFAIK the only relationship is that Viz satirises Beano (among other things like eg BATTLE!).
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D.C Thomson … have a massive archive
They're notoriously cheap, though, so there's also a chance that they threw everything away and didn't tell anyone. Baxendale only got his work back through years of legal action.

Raised as churchy as I was, I more know DDW from his tracts.
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Is that the William The Warrior stuff? I had a wee tract he did called Tim and Tina. My folks were churchy too but Broons/Wullie annuals were a xmas family tradition.

I'm sure I read that the archive is pretty much intact. They moved it out of Dundee a few years ago. One thing I have noticed though is that since it moved, a lot more pages turn up on auction sites.
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Btw - Beano in the US is a pill one takes to suppress farts.
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The founders of Viz have always said they were heavily influenced by The Beano... The Beano had a character 'Winker Watson' and Viz ran a strip... well I think you can guess where it's going. When DC Thompson (the publishers of the Beano) threatened legal action, Viz replaced it with 'D. C. Thompson, the Humourless Scottish Git' featuring a be-kilted Scotsman complaining about copy-write offenses. DC Thompson retaliated by bringing back their strip 'The Jock vs The Geordies'* featuring battling cartoonists and parodies of Viz characters. They managed to settle it all amicably out of court.

*A Geordie is the nickname someone from the NE of England (well strictly speaking from Newcastle but the definition gets stretched outside of the city). Viz was started in Newcastle.
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My favorite comics-time thing is that Dennis is his own dad.
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My British relatives would send me and my siblings Beano annuals semi regularly (and would slip ordinary issues in with other presents), and I loved them. They sent the Dandy as well, but it always held less appeal. The Beano is the real thing, long live the Beano.
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My Gran used to send me the Beano and the Dandy every week until i got self conscious about the childishness and asked for 2000AD instead. Not sure she ever realised that the latter was a bit more mature than the former. All were wonderful additions to my childhood.

Splundig vur thrig earthlets!
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Borag Thungg!
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Yeah, P. Termite clocked me; I was gonna post that pic of Clapton reading Beano.

We were snooty hipsters née hippies back then, looked up that comic and saw how dumb it was, and figured Clapton was making a joke in that photo.

That Bluesbreakers album, btw is just insanely good. And it is 50 years old! A listen mandatory, whilst reading Beano optional....
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I wish someone would do a retrospective of "Oink!", the only British comic that actually approached being funny. I just found out the other day that it had a school-aged Charlie Brooker doing guest strips, which might help set the tone if you've never heard of it.
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My favorite comics-time thing is that Dennis is his own dad.

Same goes for Andy Capp. Reg Smythe, the cartoonist who created Andy, based the character both on his father Richard (a drunken, workshy gambler) and himself (giving Andy exactly the same wartime army experience Reg had endured fighting in North Africa). Flo was based very firmly on Reg's mother (and Richard's wife) Florrie.

It follows that Andy (via Reg) was not only his own father, but also married his mum. Previously.
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Oddly enough, they were available in most general merchants in Malaysia in the 70s, and my father loved reading them so that is how I learnt how to read. I think I still have an annual in my parent's storage that I would have received as a birthday present as a pre teen.
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Dennis wasn’t always his own dad, I suspect the trainers mark the time-glitch that made that happen.

UK comics of choice for my kids are the collected Evil Emperor Penguin and Bunny versus Monkey from The Phoenix,which is very much a modern take on the classic UK kids comic.

(Yes I’ve tried with 2000AD, nothing has really stuck yet)
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Obama was in The Beano as have a load of other celebs

Not sure about Trump but they tell you how to draw a Trumpkin on their website.
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I loved the Beano. I bought a copy every week from ages 7 to 9, and saved up my vouchers to join the Dennis the Menace fan club (and Gnasher's Fang Club!). I still have my badges somewhere. Then I acquired three step-sisters and discovered Bunty and VC Andrews. End of.

But I still love Minnie the Minx.
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Happy 80th birthday to The Beano. Remember when Mike Mignola and Frank Miller worked on it?
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I wish someone would do a retrospective of "Oink!"
Oink! every issue and more.
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Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson pays 'tribute' with Brexo
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Tell me... does Bananaman live?
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Seconding Artw on The Phoenix. If you loved the Beano, your kids will love the Phoenix. My favorite part is "Corpse Talk," an interview show where the host talks to "ground-breaking" women and men (Joan of Arc, Josephine Baker, Jane Austen, the philosopher Hypatia) about their lives, but the interview subjects are actually drawn as corpses.
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