So Unhip Your Bums Fall Off
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“I thought: Oh, crap,” he says. “Then I thought: OH CRAP. The DEA is going to come in here, tase me, and confiscate my flying saltshakers.”

"That ignominious fate regularly befalls America’s cicadas. These bugs spend their youth underground, feeding on roots. After 13 or 17 years of this, they synchronously erupt from the soil in plagues of biblical proportions for a few weeks of song and sex. But on their way out, some of them encounter the spores of a fungus called Massospora... Massospora and its butt-eating powers were first discovered in the 19th century, but Kasson and his colleagues have only just shown that it has another secret: It doses its victims with mind-altering drugs."
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Despite how upset it would make Tina Belcher, I love how often the author mentions the cicada's lack of butts.
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Cicadas: what what
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Wait a sec. "mushrooms evolved psilocybin to reduce the appetites of insects that might compete with them for decaying wood. "

I was under the impression they were more of a 'grows in dung' like the store white-button type and not a mushroom that likes wood like Oyster.

And if your choice of diet is a wood or a fungus which is taking the wood and making protein - I'm not sure the article got that quote right. Wonder how many researchers will now look at fungus -> drug -> insect control now that someone has shown that is a thing.
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2. A plant gives a babie. A weird babie? Not so weird as you thought. Okay, okay, just kick it back and relax! No worries at all. The babie will come and you will be happy and everything is fine. Lay yourself down by the plant. Close an eye and then another eye. Listen to the music.
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I love nature but srsly fuck nature forever

Also, there was a cicada cycle in the spring of 1996, when I was in 11th grade, and I always thought that my cohorts all went a little crazy and wild because of hormones, but what if cicada butt-fungus drugs being constantly crunched underfoot and inhaled
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2. A plant gives a babie.

Just in case anyone hasn't read "Instruction for a Help" yet, you are in the enviable position of being able to read "Instruction for a Help" for the first time.
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I, for one, welcome our, um *giggles* um fungus lords, or whatever
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Horror movie time! Night of the No-Butt Cicadas!
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If you're fascinated by weird nature and also enjoy indie comics, you need to find a copy of Safari Honeymoon by Jesse Jacobs.
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MetaFilter: this behavior only benefits the fungus, allowing its spores to find new hosts.
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Besides the example of Ophiocordyceps in the article, there certainly may be other parasites which alter behavior of the host, including humans. It brought to mind the recent article that reported increased prevalence of antibodies to Toxoplama in business students and entrepreneurs. Weak statistical correlation, correlation is not causation, yeah, yeah, but interesting. That’s only the most recent behavioral effect possibly attributed to Toxoplasmosis.

Or maybe Toxoplasma antibodies are a surrogate marker for cat ownership and it’s cats who are responsible for capitalism.
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Holy shit! A 30 year old minor mystery has been solved for me. Back in 1987, I was walking home from a Virginia Metro station after work when I noticed a cicada flying near me, even more clumsily than cicadas normally fly. I caught it, and discovered that it was just a flying head and thorax. I thought maybe a bird had bitten it, but the opening was dusty and dry, not like it had just been cut.

Now I know why the butt fell off!
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Many, many moons ago I was particularly fond of silly-cybin and I'm pretty sure my butt fell off on a regular basis. Don't remember sprinkling any spores but my memories are understandably vague on that point...
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Despite their horrific injuries, males become hyperactive and hypersexual ... None of this does them any good—their genitals have either been devoured by the fungus or have fallen off with the rest of their butts.

Oh sweet mercy no.
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you are in the enviable position of being able to read "Instruction for a Help" for the first time

Indeed you are, and here's a working Instruction for a Help link; the one in the MeFi post linked above has rotted. Or perhaps been eaten by cicacdas.
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Deeply weird and fascinating.
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The horrifying up-close filming in some episode of maybe BBC Earth of an ant which is infected and is carried by a nestmate a long way away and it climbs up a high blade of grass and then a spike shoots out the top of its head and spores drop from it (which is why the ant carried it far away from the next) is something that has been more nightmare fuelish for me than anything I've encountered in the past decade.

Fungus can do weird things to bugs because of how they're built, I'm guessing.
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Flying saltshakers of death. Seriously, how could you leave that out of the lede
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BOO, you beat me to posting this. YAY, another gnarly tale of decorticating psychedelic warfare from the fungal kindgom!
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Coz the shroom fungus got em and their butts just dropped.
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