Two Dozen Nuns, 300 Endangered Salamanders
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The achoques have nearly disappeared from Lake Pátzcuaro in Mexico. A colony in the care of Dominican nuns offers hope the species can be saved. (slnyt)
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Oh, so they didn't steal them like those people stole that shark. So there's not some bizarre new trend of kidnapping aquatic animals.

That's reassuring anyway.
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No, they simply raise the salamanders in order to make cough syrup out of them.
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And the medicinal use of salamanders goes back to the original native inhabitants, except some want to just say it was the Virgin Mary in disguise. Marketing strikes again!
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That's really odd. The BBC just released a podcast by a reporter with the very same story
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That is odd. The NY Times writer makes a special point of the fact that he worked hard to uncover this story.
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Obviously not the main drive here, but there's hints of it, and I am very into the idea of religious communities working to preserve a particular endangered species as a religious practice of preserving creation.
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