"Her name is Batfink."
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San Francisco's Officer Edith (previously) tweets
This is my dog. Her name is Batfink. Her named has evolved from Batfink to batfinger>fingers>fingerling potato>fangers>fang fang and forever onwards to more ridiculous names. Show me your pets and their name evolutions because we need a little respite.
(Pet name evolution previously)
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Huh wha, ars longa
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Eventually, they all evolve to “nooooooooo!”

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Childhood cat: Mushy> Mushel> Meetsa Katsa> Meetsy Cas> Cas Mas
Current dog: Cassis> Castle> Castle man> Castle Monster> Cas Man> Cas Pas> Cas Mas
Current cat: Dasher Bowie> Dashel Pas> Dash Cas> Das Pas> Cas Mas
Fiance: Cas Pas/Mas
it get's a little confusing around here.
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my little chunk sophie was renamed to LOAFY because she was such a little meatloaf, technically loafy peanut bc peanut was my first choice of name for her. a total stranger on tumblr sent me an anonymous ask demanding that i change her name bc they claimed to be triggered specifically by dogs named after food; i declined.

she is still sophie now altho no longer mine, alas.
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and yes she remains an absolute loaf
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Current cat: Menhit ➙ Mens Rea (because she's basically evil).
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All of my chickens have been named after food. They have been or currently are:

Parmesan > Parm
I'm missing some but it's grant season and my brain is fried.

Oh yeah, Fried.

It's a thinly veiled threat. Lay eggs or else. What it has actually been is a retirement home for chickens past laying.
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Rat terrier: Roxy > Roxy Soxy > Roxy from Biloxi > Roxifer

German shorthair pointer: Gretta > Grettafer > Thundertail

Pitbull: Lady > Lady Ironskull the Troublemaker

Cat: Rico > Reeko Stinko

Goldfish: Orange Fish, Lumpy & Eyeball
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Roxanne> Roxy> Roxy Pancakes> Pancakes> 'Cakes> Pastelito
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Our beloved russian blue:

Hubble > Hubbster > Hubbs
Catmouse > Mouse
Snooze > snoozler > poozler > pooze
Catbutt > CBT
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Cat #1: Malcolm > Mal > Bubba > Bubbaz > Bubbabubbabubba (repeat until he gets annoyed) > Wubbaz > Wubs > Asshole Cat
Cat #2: Sophie > Sophia > Slowphie > Sophie Girl > Soph Soph > Dumb Dumb > Poopbutt

Both of them are extremely chatty Maine Coon mixes, so calling them any one of these usually results in some pretty idiotic "conversations".
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We recently got a new young cat who has not been assimilating well with the older cat. She came home as "Greta", but has a very quiet meow, so "squeaky" has been used, as has "little bits", until I tried to say "little bits" with a mouth full of toothpaste, and...

Yeah, "little bitch" has stuck.
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I've experienced a bit of evolution since my previous comment:

Our cat Morrigan is often called Peach. At some point I started calling her Peachy Keen because she's such a happy cat, and that shortened to Peach. It feels a little silly for a black cat.

I suppose it's because it's summer that this has now lengthened to "Peach-on-the-Beach." Of course we live nowhere near a beach. But still.
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Salty > Salty Sizzler > Salty Siz. > Sizzley Salt> The Sizzlerton > Sizzle > Sizzle Face > Face.
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Gracie > Gracie Goose > Groosie > Goosie > Goosie Moose > Moosie > Moose-a-goose > Moosaboosa.

This has happened in the span of a month, what?
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Smushy > Smush Mush > Mister Mush > Mr . Man > Man Man > Moosh Goosh
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Cat #2 has gone from Sam to Sam Wukong, because Handsome Monkey King takes over everything he touches. It's like our lives have become an episode of a random monk's journey or something.

(Cat #1 remains Mogget, and always will, because Saraneth is strong enough to bind names too.)
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Abigail > Yabigail > Yabbie > Yabbers > Yabbert > Bert > Bertie > Bertilicous > Bertiloquent
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I'm not sure that a linear evolution is the best model here. More of an adaptive radiation as cat names take over all linguistic space.
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This thread reads like a Grateful Dead setlist
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OK fine. Sometimes in my head she's Fable-icious or Fabesters or Fable-baby or just Fabes. But NEVER out loud. I mean, that would just confuse her. Someday, if I keep saying Fable, she'll recognize her name. I am not risking all this hard work.
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>fang fang and forever onwards to more ridiculous names

> fin fang FOOM!

"Her/His name is x" makes me think of an oft-quoted snippet from some now-old episode of Project Runway. There was a punk-type designer who was talking about her boyfriend/ SO, and said "his name is Rat Bones, but his real name is William. But his real name is Rat Bones."

Some day when I have too much money and care even less about appearances or something, I'm going to get some version of that tattooed in Olde English script on my chest.

Oddly, our pet names haven't changed. Most recent pets:
- Momma Kitty -- that was her given name (given by someone else), and as such, it was still her name.
- Kitten, the nickname for (you guessed it) her kitten, who was my wife's favorite kittie friend forever, even when he got giant. His real name was Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla, but that's pretty long, and "him" and "mine" doesn't always clarify which cat you're talking about, so Kitten he was (R.I.P big buddy)
- Mumm-Ra is Mumm-Ra, unless she's "[adjective] cat" (like "noisy," "pushy," or "silly") -- named not for appearance but for her meowing (which sounds nothing like "Mumm-Ra")
- Mei is Mei, unless she's "[adjective] dog" (usually "goofy" or "silly") -- named because when we adopted her, she was a goofy girl who was just so happy to be playing with you
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Clara>Clarabelle>Clarabelle the clam>Clammy


I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this.
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Lucy > Lucy Goosey > Luce Goose > Cous Cous. She’s a cat and she responds to Cous Cous now but not Lucy!
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Chihuahua/terrier mix: Calypso -> Lipsie, Lipsie-bug, Bug-dog, Bugbug, Tinybug, Tiny Buggins, or simply "The Buggins."
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OMG way too many to list. The one that sticks out in my mind is Melanie > Melon > Lem-and-Mel > Mel > Mew* > Mew** > Mew-Mew > Mew-Mew Kitty > Mew-Mew Kitty-Chan.

The nice thing about "Mew-Mew Kitty-Chan" is that you can sing it to the tune of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:"
Mew, Mew, Kitty-Kitty-Chan-Chan,
Kitty-Kitty-Chan-Chan, Mew, Mew, Mew.

* Pronounced like "Mel," but with an exaggerated Cockney accent
** Pronounced "Myu," like a kitten's cry

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Pris > Ms Cheeps
Bubo > Mr Handsome
Thor > Mr Cheeps
Archy > Noodle > Medium Friend
Mehitabel > Hetty > Missy > Little Miss > Little Friend
Baba Yaga > Babs

Oh, Bubo sometimes goes to Boobs, but not frequently enough to be come an official appellation
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Charlie-Charliely-Lee Lee-LEEDLELEEDLELEEEDLELEEDLE said like a siren.
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Cat #2: Sophie > Sophia > Slowphie

I used to call my mother's Beagle Sophie, "Snowphie," because romping in the snow was her Absolute Favorite Thing.
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Isabel Vile Temptress>Isa>Scamperbutt>Scamper

Aleister Crowley>Bud>Goober>Jackass

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky>Squeaker>Squeak
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The nice thing about "Mew-Mew Kitty-Chan" is that you can sing it to the tune of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:"

Also "What's New, Pussycat?"

(Entirety of its lyrics: Mee mew Kitty-Chan, whoa-oao-ao, repeat infinitely)
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Oh we fostered a kitten which I named Scomber Japonicus on account of her markings but she got renamed to smidgen. Smidgen is cool but really liked Scomber :(
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Peppi > Pepita > Peppers > Puppers > Puppup

She also gets called Funny Face, Doggo, Little Dawg, and the Spanish or German word for dog, depending on who's talking to her.
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My friend has two cats:
Artemis -> Art-i-moose -> Moose -> [Moose|Moosey|Moosey-Moo]
Minerva -> Mini

You gotta start all cool and dignified and work your way to baby talk
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Ragdoll cat, Mekki > Mek-mek > Mekileka bee-chai > Mekileki hai Meka hiney-ho
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Last dog:


Current Dog:

Poppy> Popster>Poppadums>Poppodopolis>Popstar>Poppycorns >
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Joaquin > Mr. J > Jaybird

but when I got him his name was Paul
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Bathwater > Thorazine > Trashcat
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She is Annie, plain Annie, in the morning. Anniepants when I wrangle with her tangled leash. Banana in the kitchen. But in my arms, she is always Butt.
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Luca (when the shelter thought she was a boy due to her size) > Lucy > Mongoose (bc she Tol) > Lucy Goosey > Bunny/Her Royal Highness Princess BunnyCat > Bun > Naani (if she is in loaf pose, which is silly bc Naan isn't loafy but whatever).

My family knows to call her Bun or Bunny.

My godmother refers to her as HRH (Her Royal Highness).

My grandpa, who can't hear super well, thinks her name is Susan.

Her true full name is Maria Luisa Elena Francesca the Princess BunnyCat.

She also responds most vibrantly to, "Hey."

I love my Bun.
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Triceratops will always be Triceratops. No nicknames. Unless she's bad - then I use her full name, Triceratops Grace Marie Ex'sLastName-MyLastName.
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My dog is Gatsby, but I’ve only had him around two months, so his name hasn’t had time to evolve yet.

A dog I dog-sit for: Baxter > Baxter Boo > Boo
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Our cats when I was growing up were Dakota and Vermont. Those got shortened post-haste to Deacon and Varmint, which always sounded like a Western buddy movie.

Current cats:

Nefer > Kitty > Lady > Miss Daintypaws

Sora > Sora Bora > Señor Poopaws (thanks to an unfortunate incident when he was a kitten)
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Dogs>Doggies>Doogies>Doobies>Shoobers. Must remember to stop referring to my dogs as shoobies in front of new people.
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My username actually came from a nickname for a cat I owned (the coolest cat ever). His official name was Huey (like the helicopter), but he was known as:
pussycat > poozycat > boozycat > boozycotty > biscotti.

So now you know. It's not the delectable crunchy cookie after all.

Not ONLY anyway.

(it's far sillier)
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Yukiko > Yuki > Pelos > Pelitos > Gato
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The neighbor who I "inherited" my current (and only) cat from only called her KittyCat... I had to shorten that to KitCat, in tribute to one of my favorite candybarthingies and in recognition of its jingle tagline "Gimme a break!" which is a great thing to yell at a misbehaving feline. Sometimes K.C., Kittercatter, Kitcatbar...

Before that, my then-wife insisted on naming a new puppy we got from a friend "Lollypop". I resisted until I realized that the dog being a mix of BlackLab and BorderCollie... Lab+Collie=Lolly. So I shortened her name and occasionally went to LollyPUP...
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My cat - Anoush (actual name)
is known as:
monkey bunny
noise' from boise'
evil monkey
evil bunny
the evil queen
fluffington bunnea
Get offa me it's to hot for this nonsense!
Goddamnit cat!
but never actually Anoush.
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Kittehs in our household that underwent swift name changes:

Osiris —> Otis

Isis —> Iris

Minuet —> Ardra

Allegro —> Fecklar

The first two lost their original names because they just seemed super pretentious, and it was easier to say the new names together.

The second two lost their names after a housemate dubbed them with new monikers after they peed on his floor speakers and pooped in his room. (The new names were taken from the STNG episode “Devil’s Due”.)
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The cat has been through a few.

Rothko Bear
Bunny Boy Bear
Bear Bear
Bear Bear the BehBeh

The dog has been resistant, either through a lack of character or because we got it right first time.
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Dot>Dotsy Doodle>Dotsy-Totsy Toodle>Dotsy Totsy-Toodle Doodle Doo!
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Speedball -> speeds -> speedy -> speedles -> speedily deedily

Our other cat is Dolly, who I call Dolly Donuts but whose real name is Delores Stilton which I just love as name.
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Cat #1: Ungrateful Bastard -> Youbee -> Youbins -> Bins
Cat #2: Kobayashi Maru -> Kobe -> Kob-Kob (long O like Kobe Bryant, without the e on the end)
Horse: Brigadoon -> Doon -> Doonie -> Dooniebird -> Bird

I don't know why I bother with good names at the outset. However, I keep trying.

This one's Patapsco. Name hasn't had time to morph, she's only three weeks old. Built-in nickname is "Tap" but who knows if that'll stick.
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My parents' Australian Shepherd:
Simon > Simon Fuzzbutt > His Excellency, Simon Lord Fuzzbutt, Baron Wigglenubbin, the Ambassador from Pupulon
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There are far too few pictures in this thread. I'm just saying.
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The best dog ever.
Bowie> Bowie McBowerson> Bo > Little Bo> Bo-bear> Little Bear dog
OR Bowie>Bowie-pup> Mr. Pup!> Mr. Adorable> Mr. Adorable -horrible> horrible thing.

The new tail-less black spaniel creature.
Abby > Abigail> Abigail-no-tail >Babbygail-no-tail> Babbygail-such-fail>Babs> Miss Bab!> Miss Pup!
OR Abby> Abby-doggie>Abu-dhabi>Dabby-doo>Yabby-dabby-doo!
OR Abby> goddamndog!

Cat #1
Sprocket> Sproc-kitty>Spockitty>You with the ears!> Rock-itty> Rockitty-Mao>garbled cat noises...
OR Sprocket> Sprocket-rocket>Rocket-Pocket>Mr. Pocket> Pock-etty> Pawkitty!>

Cat #2
Not the brightest little fella... tends to freeze and stare off into space.
Thomas> Tom> Mr. Tom> Tom-Tom> Mr. Tom-Tom Tum-Tum>
"Oooooh! Look @ da Tom-Tom... he's re-catculating!"

Cat #3
Percius> Percy> Perse> Percy pudgy-wudgy>Pudge-wudge> Pudge> Fat cat ...(he now responds to fat cat 90% of the time)

Cat #4
Sigmund> Sigmund Freud> Freudy-cat
OR Sigmund> Sig> Sig-pig> Pig> Piggy> Piglet> Mr. Pig
OR Buddy/chum/pal/dude/old guy

( I'm now appreciating my tendency to get either more formal, or more insulting with each iteration... hmmm...)
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Scrambles>Scrams!>Scram Scram>Scramble Rambles
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How are y'all so logical with your name evolutions. Ours is something like this

Molly > Mollington > Poopooface, Kitten, Meatloaf, Whatiswrongwithyoustopshoutingyouvejustbeenfed
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When we got our dog, he didn't have a name, so I suggested we just call him Dog. The kids vetoed that, and named him something. After a while they also vetoed taking care of him. And then one day shortly after I was walking with him down a street, someone stopped me to ask me if I was aware how much my dog resembled Dog. I was, and I am, so now I just call him Dog like Dog intended.
Way back we had a kitten that was incredibly sweet and fluffy. He had a name but I forget what it was, because we had a visitor who renamed him Lampedusa. I don't really know why she did that, I can't see anything about him that could remind anyone of an Italian count and author. But Lampedusa>Lampus>Lampussy, and that made sense.
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Us: We couldn't possibly change this cat's name, he's been called the same one at the shelter so long
Also us: *Calls the cat 16 million different tenuously related names*
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What it has actually been is a retirement home for chickens past laying.

Is that a tagline or a synopsis of a Greatful Dead set list ?
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Metafilter: a retirement home for chickens past laying.
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I love these.
Our dog’s name is Luna—> Tuna—>Pooper->Tuna pooper
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There are far too few pictures in this thread. I'm just saying.

Melanie, AKA Mew-Mew Kitty-Chan
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I feel like for my dog, a linear progression isn't perfect, but here goes:

Leviathan > Levi (pronounced lev-ee, not lee-vigh) > Lev > Levilet > Levibito > Levitron > Levooshka > Levels > Level 1

And then there's a riff on her breed (minpin):

Pin> Pinlet > Pinball > Clothespin > Little Pin > Littlest

Names are fun <3
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Molly (the vet said she was probably a boy, he was wrong)>The Grim Sqeaker > Grimmie > Grimbird > Miss Bird
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My Tommy came with the name, but his aliases are as follows:
Sir Thomas Neville Cattington
Sir Thomas Patrick Neville Cattington
My Son Thomas*

*I had a high school teacher who was always talking about his oldest son, and always referred to him as "My Son Thomas," never just "my son" or just "Thomas."

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I can't believe I forgot so many of Tommy's nicknames! Here is an addendum to the list above:

Tommy Tiddles
T. Tom Tiddles
T. Tom Tiddles with the Cream-Filled Middle
Father Tommy**
Kid Kong
Tommy Top Hat
Tommy [LastName], Victorian Bootblack***
Foma Fomovitch

** The combination of his black coat and whitish flea collar has kind of a clerical flair.
*** ”Shine your boots, bite your feet, ain't I cute, so give me a treat.”
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