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Jee Veerey (Live, Brave One) - Bloodywood "Fight those internal storms and win, brave one." Battling depression with Indian Folk Metal.
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That was awesome. Super de duper awesome.
posted by eggkeeper at 5:52 PM on August 2, 2018 [1 favorite]

I’m glad I waited to watch this at home. An amazing thing I needed.
posted by curious nu at 6:20 PM on August 2, 2018 [1 favorite]

Indian Folk Metal.

Something I hadn't even imagined was a thing, and I liked it.
posted by Dip Flash at 7:49 PM on August 2, 2018

That's awesome!

Also Metal needs more tin whistle, clearly. Although tin is not very heavy.
posted by Coaticass at 12:42 AM on August 3, 2018

Here's an interview with Bloodywood that gives more context.
Since 2016, guitarist/producer Karan Katiyar and vocalist Jayant Bhadula have been a parody metal band, taking apart Top 40 hits, Bollywood songs and Hindi/Punjabi commercial music and giving them a heavier and quirkier edge. But after tasting success with their takes on cuts including Daler Mehndi's "Tunak Tunak Tun" and classic folk song "Ari Ari" (the latter has breaching 1 million views on YouTube), the duo say they're about to get serious. Bhadula says, "People listen to a rendition and go, 'Ah, a good riff wasted on a cover.' Which is true."
Their cover of Never Gonna Give You Up is… something else.
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Maybe worth noting, in addition, that (in the readmore of the video) they have purchased 60 counselling sessions for anyone who wants to reach out for help. If you (or anyone you know) are going through a rough patch and feel the need for mental therapy: 1. go to www.hopenetwork.in 2. click on Book Appointment 3. use code BWOOD1001
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