We Rise Together, Homie
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The story behind Antoine Dangerfield's viral video of a solidarity wildcat strike of Latino construction workers at a new UPS facility.

“They are not bullshitting! They thought they was gonna play with these amigos, and they said, ‘aw yeah, we rise together, homie.’ And they leaving! And they not bullshitting!”
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A valuable object lesson on labor organizing.

I think we can expect great things from Antoine.
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They'll do their best to outlaw strikes, to restrict labour organising and browbeat those involved, but as long as workers are still able to withdraw their labour, we still have a chance.
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Ohman, I saw the video on social media and had no idea about the context or who took it or anything. Thanks for the article!
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Goddamned right! General strike! We need a general strike in this country!
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I hope he can get another job.
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Yeah he lost his job. But the go fund me for him and his son has raised 23,000 of the 30,000 goal. So he should have enough cushion to maybe get employment somewhere that respects him.
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The power on display right here is why business has spent decades convincing people that unions are bad.
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According to the article, the racist safety coordinator that was harassing workers was fired while the workers were paid for the day and kept their jobs. It's amazing and just shows the power of labor. Can't construct anything if everyone refuses work.
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Ah, made mistake. They were still paid for the full day, but the article says nothing about every striker keeping their jobs.
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I love this guy. What did the dude in the red shirt say to him?
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