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Choreographer Chloe Arnold's Emmy Nomination Is a Win for Black Womanhood. Many dream of being nominated for an entertainment award like an Emmy, but few find out exactly how surreal the experience is. Dancer and choreographer Chloe Arnold was so unprepared for the honor, she initially suspected the worst when she began receiving dozens of missed calls and text messages in the middle of the night. [...] After the requisite freakout, Arnold’s next call was to friend and longtime mentor Debbie Allen. And as it turned out, the multi-hyphenate legend was already celebrating her protege’s success. “She was just so proud and she said, “We’re always connected.”

Her nomination for the choreography of Crosswalk the Musical on Broadway (w/ Hugh Jackman, Zendaya & Zac Efron) from The Late Late Show with James Corden includes a tribute of sorts to her mentor and friend, Allen, for her work on Fame.

You may otherwise recognize Chloe Arnold for her work with the Syncopated Ladies (YT channel): Formation + Beyonce
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Thank you for posting this. How awesome for her! I first heard of Chloe Arnold through a Syncopated Ladies tribute to Prince. That YouTube channel is one that you can just let auto play while you sit there in stunned amazement.

The article choked me up and I am rooting for her!
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This was great-- thanks for posting!
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That was really touching, and I love how she talks about bringing other dancers up now that she can hire, and I am in awe of the Syncopated Ladies, but I'm confused by how that is the piece she got nominated for. I could barely see the choreography and it was mostly gags? I'm confused...
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