Meet the guy with four arms, two of which someone else controls in VR
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These robotic limbs could someday help people work together when they’re far apart. Still very early, and obviously clunky, but an interesting story and prototype.
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Oh, the fiction possibilities with this are endless. What if the extra set of arms strangles the wearer to death? What if the arms the control the person's actual arms are used for a murder? What if you fall in love with the person controlling the extra arms? Does onanism become a hookup?
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I'm seeing the pottery scene from Ghost, but if it starred Alfred Molina from Spider-Man 2.
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Yeah, I look at technology (and science, innovation, space exploration...) through a science fictional lens and this one was right in my wheelhouse. You bring up some interesting examples. How about a remote doctor uses the robot arms to perform surgery on the wearer, who is under local anesthesia? Or the robot arms are controlled by a crime lord and the wearer is an innocent victim?
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I for one welcome our new robotic arm overlords.
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Yeah, what a bizarre combination of Doc Ock and Sleep Dealer.
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You could play four-handed piano with your friend across the country!
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I went straight to Helping Hands from Whose Line.
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Older brothers everywhere stop for a minute and ponder the "stop hitting yourself" possibilities of such technology.
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The super villains were so busy trying to figure out how to do this that they completely ignored whether they should or not....
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DO YOU WANT DOC OCK!? This is how we get DOC OCK!
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I admit my mind immediately went to murder mysteries and Phoenix-Wright-style legal conundrums. After reading the comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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okay losers get in the Jaeger, we're going monster hunting
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