I want to be angry, but I have to do some reading first!
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Law and Sausages is a new project launched by the excellent Zach Weinersmith, of SMBC, SMBC theater, Soonish and the BAH fest. It's about American civics and law.
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Other collaborators: Zach's brother Greg Weiner, and artist Dennis Culver.
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I liked the first parts of it, I'll be curious to see if the framing device of being in a classroom continues throughout the series. On one hand it keeps it a bit grounded, and that's clearly what a professor is comfortable with, but it also feels a bit limiting in the webcomic space to have it be so grounded.
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This was an instant add to my Webcomics list in my RSS reader.
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Zach's brother is a professor of political science, so it's not just nepotism. (Note that I didn't say that it wasn't nepotism, just that it wasn't ONLY nepotism!). I'm also happy with the first posting, but it seems to have the same problem that all logical, fact based answers to memes have - will the people who need to read it be willing to click on multiple pages to get those answers?

I know if I was teaching poli sci or civics to younger students, I'd be using this in the classroom.
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I haven't checked back in on it in a while, but I adore SMBC. And I definitely relate to "I WANT TO BE ANGRY BUT I HAVE TO DO SOME READING FIRST!" I appreciate this very much.
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