A man and his Church
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A man and his Church A fascinating case history of a big dot com company and the Scientology Church. What does it tell us?
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posted by eyeballkid at 3:35 PM on June 3, 2002

Not all crooks are Scientologists, but:
posted by lupus_yonderboy at 3:44 PM on June 3, 2002

I'm just waiting for the day that one of these exposes comes out about Sky Dayton, prominent Scientologist, and his little company, Earthlink. I don't think I'll be waiting very much longer.
posted by Dreama at 4:10 PM on June 3, 2002

Sounds very like the venerable tale of Miniscribe, the hard-drive maker who tried to survive a dicey period by shipping bricks to a fake warehouse. {search for "1981" for the beginning} Of course, in those days, you had to actually break into your accountants' work trunks and alter the inventory counts to get them to cook the books for you.
posted by dhartung at 4:49 PM on June 3, 2002

According to DIGL-WATCH, Zwan's an Operating Thetan Level VIII. Shazam!
posted by shinybeast at 7:53 PM on June 3, 2002

Excellent article -- thanks Postroad.
posted by wadner at 9:34 PM on June 3, 2002

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